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I started my second job today. This time I will be temporarily working in the IT department of a pharmacy. It’s not really like the image above, but it is still better than standing in one spot for 5 hours in the sun. Though, I wouldn’t mind being able to work with Aoi Yamada since she is so awesome. Yamada isn’t in this image though, so it’s not that great.

Over all, it was a decent day, got some stuff done there, and came home to sleep. It feels like school in a way, except I’m the youngest there, I think. Haven’t seen anyone that is under 18, so I think I can safely assume I am the youngest. But who cares, I have a job, even if it is only for 5 or 6 weeks. That just means a little extra spending money for me.

Anime wise today, I have watched the 12th episode of Working!! and plan to watch the rest of Shuffle! volume 5 before bed. I am hoping to rewatch most of my anime by the time I start college in August, but I don’t know how that will go, we will have to wait and see. I doubt I will make it since that is like, 300 DVDs at the moment. To be precise, it is 287 DVDs, and possibly more since I am hoping to have My-Otome by next week, which will be another 7  DVDs. Thats roughly 5 a day, each being around 1.5 hours… Ok, I won’t make it, but I think I can do by the end of the year at least.

Well, I’m gonna get back to watching Shuffle! now. Thanks for reading what I had to say!


Excitement Is Coming!

But one does simply siege tank the hell out of the enemy base in Starcraft.

It’s been 237 days since I last did a post like this. I think I will start doing a daily update again since it was one thing I enjoyed doing a lot and can’t quite remember why  I stopped.

Today was, rather uneventful. Lost ended up coming on later thanks to shitsketball, but the fact that the beta forums for Starcraft 2 came up on Battle.net made up for that. I can feel the anticipation coming every day now. They might as well just release it already since I doubt there is much else they can change in 12 days. But, even if it doesn’t come out tomorrow, I still have ot level back up to 70 on Modern Warfare 2 and finished all the anime I bought.

Regarding the anime, I have Baccano, Slayers 1-3, Ai Yori Aoshi, and all the shows  I watch on Crunchyroll that I got behind on. Oh yeah, I still need to watch FMA: Brotherhood. So yeah, I still have plenty to do while I wait for the  beta. You know what, instead of typing more of this post, I think I will go watch some anime right now. It’s only 10:30PM so I still have sometime left before I become to tired to stay awake any more.

I guess this is bye for now then.

Over 30,000 Hits!

CLANNAD_30kSometime last night when I was asleep, I reached 30,000 hits. Amazing, I know. Took me a year to reach this high, but I did it with the help of the people that come here everyday. My average views has even gone from 10 to 300 over the year, and it rises each month. Hopefully by this time next year, it will be even higher. Thank you everyone for your support.

This little blog started out as a thing I did to see how I liked it. Here is the first incarnation http://eriksmindplace.blogspot.com/ I am somewhat embarassed at how it looks, and the content is pretty sucky. But, I learned, and made it this far. Balancing school and the blog may be hard, but I find new ways to bring more content as I go through. Hopefully one day, I can go to a separate server and possibly get some more people on here. My whole goal is to start Kamanashi Networks eventually, and if all goes well, I will achieve that goal.

I don’t really remember when I went full on into anime, all I know is that I watched my first anime about 9 or 10 years ago. Princess Mononoke and Ghost In The Shell were the reason I first got interested in anime, and I probably wouldn’t be so into it if I had not watched them. . I watched Cowboy Bebop in 2001, InuYasha in 2002, and FLCL in 2003, but I was limited to what Adult Swim was showing. 10 to 13 year-olds don’t have a whole lot of money. Finally, around 2004, I was able to start buying anime. My collection has grown quite a bit, and is still growing.

REally, the only bad part about my obsession is that there aren’t that many people that share my interest around me, and the ones that do, I never meet. So, I’m somewhat alone in my area when it comes to liking anime.

Thanks again for all the support, and hopefully, we can continue this adventure through the internet.

The Internet, It Sucks

clever-cat-using-pcYeah, I spend a lot of time online, but really, it sucks. Not just a little, I mean a whole lot. NO matter where you go, there is always something hiding that is waiting to disturb you. You won’t expect it either. Or, you get Rick Roll’d everywhere. Something is always there to screw with you.

Will I stop using the internet though? Probably not. I use it for multiple things, laughs, talking, news, games, etc. So, giving it up woul result in this blog going away, and possibly me become really bored. Being bored isn’t fun. What would you do without the internet? LEave a comment below if you want, I don’t care either way.

As for the day, it was the same as yesterday. 3 periods of mostly nothing, and 1 period of work. Good school day in my opinion. I played COD 4 and Rock Band while at home, and now I’m typing this. I should probably go watch TV now to attempt to unsee things. People may say things can’t be unseen, but I will find a way to make it go away.

A Headache Is Raping My Head

6ce619422f684cd81a8b22af23e46cfa1235186462_fullOr at least that’s how it has felt for the last 3 hours now. Started at 9 as a normal one that I get a lot. But around 11PM it started to worsen and now it just hurt looking at the computer screen. Gahh… Why won’t it go away?

The parts before the headache were fine. Spent most of the day in Kinston with Brent, so I didn’t have time to post anything. That, and there just wasn’t anything interesting to me. Most of it was stuff that was either boring stats or just something I could care less about. I need another convention so I can have more good news.

As for now, I basically am waiting for my headache to go away while I watch TV or something.

Same As Usual

22111Yeah, still not making money, still not training for anything, and not in school. Basically, I am a NEET. But, I don’t care anymore, I start school in about 3 weeks, so I have no reason to start working. Though, I would be fine living like the picture above all the time if I could.

Today was about the same as it always is. People decide to plan things in like, 10 minutes, then basically not give me a choice as to whether I want to go or not. Then they force me to watch a movie I have already seen multiple times, which isn’t that bad since I watch full series up to 6 times anyways. Either way, they could have considered what would have happened if I didn’t want  to go.

Other than that, I spent my time attempting to play Crysis, but for some reason this computer is being a retard all of a sudden and refuses to play without freezing now. So, I gave up and played Guitar Hero. That Asus laptop would be nice right about now. But, I can wait a couple more months I suppose.

Well, I feel like going to watch Bleach now. I will be back tomorrow with the hopes that I will see an announcement regarding the Starcraft 2 beta, but knowing Blizzard, they will wait till Blizzcon or something.


haruhi2No post until now because I was at the beach all day. To tired to really type a whole lot, so I will just say I had fun and move onto something else.

I got the DVDs I ordered today. Vols. 1 -4 of Air with the Art Box, and Vols. 1-6 of Pani Poni Dash! With Art box. When I got home, I basically just watched Air and got online. I didn’t sleep very much last night since I had to wake up rather early today (10:00 AM). BUt, this should help me fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier so I actually spend more time doing things.

Well, I am going to start Air Vol. 2 now, I will be back tomorrow.