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Sakura Yoshino Of Da Capo Is Getting Her Own Anime

Sakura Yoshino is getting her own anime, but not the kind yo uwould expect. She is going to be Magical Girl Sakura now. This 9-year old may seem like she is just a normal girl in a normal school, but she is really a Magical Girl trying to fight for justice.

Currently there is no release date announced, but expect sometime around fall or winter of this year.



The New Da Capo Anime And Game May Be Delayed

Well, earlier today, CIRCUS, the company that makes Da Capo, had a had a fire in their offices. Half of the office was damaged and they do not know what was lost. AS far as I know, no one was injured, but it is still sucky since they may lose there source of income for a while if it is too bad.

I see this as a very likely chance that the anime and game will be delayed since fire is bad. Not that most of you couldn’t figure that out, but I said it anyways.

Currently, they are surveying the damage and are expected to have an update sometime within the next couple of days.

The delay statement is just my own prediction, I don’t want it to be true, but I think it might end up being true in the end.


New Da Capo Anime And Game Incomming

dc2_sequel0044 days ago, they announced a new Da Capo anime for next spring along with Da Capo III. This announcement was made on NicoNico.

The Da Capo sotry is about Jun’ichi Asakura and Sakura Kazami when they are in high school. A sakura tree that is magical also has some importance.


Seikon no Qwaser Teaser

THis has got to have one of the weirdest stories I have seen in a while. The students on in a school in Japan, they all have Russian names, and drink this woman’s breast milk in order to keep their magic powers. Yeah, I’m as lost as you are.

My Girlfriend Is The President Trailer

I’m not making this up either. This is a real game, coming out this fall in Japan. I have no idea what the hell the creators are smoking, I just know it has to be good.Here are the pictures of the President of Japan and Russia from the game. Also, the yget abducted by aliens looking for a leader or something. Mostly, I am rather lost as to just WTF is going on in the game.

President of Japan


President of Russia



Total Attendance Of Comiket 76 = 560,000

comiket_76_crowd_01I can’t believe I was actually wanting to go one year after I graduate from High School. I know it’s not 560,000 different people, but still that’s a lot. Day one alone had 180,000 different people, so the 560,000 was probably made up of repeat visitors that came each day.

This is a new record for Comiket and I’m sure it will keep growing each year. I just wonder how many will be there for this winter’s comiket. Will they make it to 600,000? Possibly, though, probably not since it is the winter and many people will still be working.

I guess I can deal with not going to Comiket, that is until I break down and decide to go anyways.

Source (Japanese)

Thanks Sankaku Complex for the find.

Shuffle! amd Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Visual Novels Coming To US

SHUFFLEMore great news from Anime Expo this year. MangaGamer.com has acquired rights to release Shuffle!’s Visual Novel here in the US this summer. Not only that, but they also got Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni’s Visual Novel as well.

Shuffle! is a favorite anime of mine, so being able to get the game will be even better.

Higurashi’s release is set for October for te first 4 chapters, and the next 4 are set to come out about 2 months later. So the wait isn’t to much longer.

Also, MangaGamer.com is going to be releasing other NAVEL titles in the future.

All titles will be download only, but that shouldn’t stop any true fans of either series.