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Rainbow Girl AMV

Seventh Heaven AMV

Every passing day I grow more and more impatient for this movie. Eureka, my dear, please find a way to release earlier than Feb. 9, why not tomorrow?

Eureka Seven -Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers- English Trailer Posted

I can’t go see it the night it comes out. :( But, atleast I can get the DVD or even a copy on Blu-Ray possibly later this year.

Bandai Gets Eureka Seven Movie

eureka-seven-movieFinally, they have announced that this movie has been licensed. Eureka Seven is one of the best series I have ever seen, and this movie seems to keep up the quality.

The acquisition was announced at Bandai’s panel at the Anime Expo ’09. Right now, it is set for a September 24, 2009 theatrical release through Fathom Entertainment’s theaters. Tickets will start going on sale on August 21.

Hopefully they have a DVD or Blu-Ray release this year, because I can already tell I wont be goign to the theater to see this since I will be in school that day. Knowing Bandai, they will release it in November probably.

Eureka Seven: Pocket Full Of Rainbows is now the most anticipated movie of this year for me.

Transformers + Eureka Seven = Epic Win!

I can’t wait for the sequel to Transformers or the Eureka Seven movie and all this did was make the wait even worse. Though, it was pretty awesome none the less.

Eureka Seven Movie Trailer Streamed

eureka-seven-movieThis trailer was released earlier today, and based on what I saw in it, the movie will be either an alternate story or a continuation. Either way, I am excited. To bad I don’t live in Japan… Maybe if they release it here in theaters, I will be able to go see it. I need more Eureka 7, since I enjoyed the series so much.