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Kara no Kyoukai Coming To US, But Not In The Way Many Had Hoped

So, Kara no Kyoukai is being released in the US, but not at a reasonable price for the US anime market. At $400 to order from RightStuf, you will be getting all of it along with a nice box and an art book. But, what about the people that have never seen it and would like to watch it atleast once? FUCK THEM! I have been told this is for collectors by many people on forums.

Now, I count myself as an anime collector, but, I also have the common sense to know that I shouldn’t spend a whole pay check on 1 series that is shorter than most shows I can get for $100. And yes, I know I spent close to $250 on Lucky Star LE singles and $200 on Haruhi singles, but that was also spread out over months. I can’t afford to spend $400 on something I may or may not like.

Then, there are people on other sites saying that people like me who say support the industry are hypocrites for not being willing to spend $400 on this. Well,  I would be a hypocrite if I were to go and download it after saying that, but I have no intention to do so since I believe someone will eventually release a cheaper version somewhere down the line. I surely hope someone does though, because this is reminding of the old days of anime that I was not really part of as much since I was 10 or younger.

I just want to watch KnK without going bankrupt. That is all.

Oh well, I can wait. I mean shit, I have waited much longer for things (such as teh time between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime). There are tons more for me to buy while I wait  for a reasonable release of KnK. Until then,  will just wait. If it never is released, then I just wont see it. If not seeing one thing were to bother me, I would be crazy since I still haven’t seen the thousands of other anime out there.

Info via ANN


DSi Only Cartridges Incomming

nintendo_dsi_officialWell, this is just fantastic, I have to buy a 3rd DS if I want to play some game or possibly all games after a certain date. According to Nintendo, there will be DSi-only and DSi-Enhanced games.

Only is self explanatory and enhanced means it works on all DSs but will have the rest of the features on the DSi.

I originally wasn’t planning to buy a DSi since there is no GBA slot, but I guess I will have to deal with it until someone finds a way to run GBA roms on the DSi.

Nintendo is really trying to make me poor now.


Space Weddings, The Way Of The Future

space_weddingSweet, now I know if I get married, it can be awesome. ¥240,000,000 (Roughly $2.2 Million) will get you the package of a life time from this Japanese company. You get to go to space for an hour and get married. The money pays for everything almost, so most of the things that have to do with weddings are covered.

I’m not sure I would enjoy doing this to much, but it would be cool.

Reservations start next month, but the actual flights start in 2011, so there is still plenty of time for you to get a wife or husband by then.

I wish I were rich just so I could do this for fun. Maybe Bill Gates can give me some money if I beg for a couple hours straight.


Little Busters T-shirt Sold For ¥1,300,000

little-busters-t-shirt-1I wish I went to the Key Tenth Anniversary thing. This shirt is awesome to me, but it was free too. Tons were given out at the event. So why did it go for ¥1,300,000 (Roughly $13,000)? Well, someone apparently didn’t go and wanted a T-shirt. It was signed by Hinoue Itaru, the character designer for Clannad. I wouldn’t mind paying $50 for it, but $13,000 is a no go for me. Via