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Final Fantasy XIII Unboxing

Here is an unboxing video for all the people that happen to read stuff I type.

Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Announced

March 9th, 2009 will be the day millions of Otaku across the US and Europe come out to their local game store, go home, and not shower for days. Yes, Final Fantasy XIII will be released on that many citizens lose their jobs due to gaming.

Final Fantasy XIII TGS ’09 Trailer

This is how a trailer is supposed to be. Can’t wait for this to come out.

Run, Shoot, Slash, Kill, Repeat!


Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: What The F*ck Are They?

Is it a boy or a girl? sometimes I am totally lost when I see people.

Suddenly I want to go break my copy of Final Fantasy 7.

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Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Screenshots

These images make me want this game even more. I might import it if their is english text. Can’t wait to much longer though. Square may be slow at times, but atleast they make good games I guess.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy will probably never end.

There are 20 normal endings for the characters, and then 1 true ending. Yo uhave to beat all 20 to see the true, and then each play through gets you more stuff unlocked. So, according to the team making the game, it could take a lifetime to beat it.

Now, do they really believe my PSP will work that long?