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Sakura Yoshino Of Da Capo Is Getting Her Own Anime

Sakura Yoshino is getting her own anime, but not the kind yo uwould expect. She is going to be Magical Girl Sakura now. This 9-year old may seem like she is just a normal girl in a normal school, but she is really a Magical Girl trying to fight for justice.

Currently there is no release date announced, but expect sometime around fall or winter of this year.


The New Da Capo Anime And Game May Be Delayed

Well, earlier today, CIRCUS, the company that makes Da Capo, had a had a fire in their offices. Half of the office was damaged and they do not know what was lost. AS far as I know, no one was injured, but it is still sucky since they may lose there source of income for a while if it is too bad.

I see this as a very likely chance that the anime and game will be delayed since fire is bad. Not that most of you couldn’t figure that out, but I said it anyways.

Currently, they are surveying the damage and are expected to have an update sometime within the next couple of days.

The delay statement is just my own prediction, I don’t want it to be true, but I think it might end up being true in the end.


New Astro Boy Trailer Up


Surprisingly, this actually looks like a decent movie. If only more live action adaptations of anime could end up like this.

Astro Boy Trailer On Hulu

astroboycgiA trailer for the Astro Boy CG movie was released, and it looks somewhat cool. I might go see it after all even though I didn’t really like Astro Boy before. Here is the link to the page with the trailer.

Though, October is kinda far off.

10MPH vs 5CPS


Idk anything about the anime, but I’ve seen the documentary about segways. SEGWAYS ARE AWESOME. Idk why you would want to drive one from Seattle to Boston but the movie is pretty good if you like watching stuff like discovery channel, history channel, and GOOD EATS.

This is like a 7 out of 10.2!