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Best Anime Ever To Be Created

Are you prepared for the most epic fucking anime ever to make you jizz in you fucking pants?


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I Will Never look At Bayonetta The Same Way Ever Again

WARNING: The following video will probably offend people, but I don’t really care. It’s your choice whether or not you want to watch it. But in all honesty, it is rather funny.

Also, this is definitely NSFW

[Dailymotion id=xcoqdz]


My Thoughts On: Arakawa Under The Bridge

Pictures will be added later.

Arakawa Under The Bridge is this seasons weirdest show. Everyone on their is mentally disabled I think and the setting is under a bridge. But, it all works out and I found it to be quite funny, if not mostly because of the WTF factor of the show.

Right from the beginning, you meet the main character Kou Ichinomiya. His father taught him as a child to never be in debt to someone. Though, his methods were rather different. From the screwed up childhood, he learned how to live for himself. But soon, this fear of being in debt to someone has landed him as the lover of some weird girl who lives under a bridge. Nothing in this show has made sense so far, but that is why it is so great.

Throughout the first episode, I laughed my ass off at the randomness. The first scene has our main character wearing no pants because he was attacked by children. No explanation is given as to why they attacked him, it just happened.  Or the girl who swears she is from Venus. It all adds up be great.

Artwork is definitely something you would expect from Shaft. It’s kind of a mix of Maria Holic and Sayonara Zetsubous Sensei art wise. Not to fancy, but some unique choices for different designs. Though, you will notice some similar movements to Itoshiki from Zetsubou Sensei. But I don’t mind if it is kinda reused because they only use it for one time and it is used correctly.

The VAs do quite well, even though there were only 4 total in the first episode. When Kou is surprised, you can tell. And the relatively monotone sound of Nino shines through to give her that carefree feeling. There wasn’t much background music, not that it is needed since this is a show based around the weird characters instead of music. If you want a music anime, watch K-ON!! instead.

Overall, this is a pretty good show, and if you want something to truly start off the season, I recommend this. It is one of the better first epis this season too, which is a good thing.



FUNi May Not Edit DVD Version of Dance In The Vampire Bund

Well, it now seems FUNiamtion is starting to have some common sense and may not edit the DVD release of Dance In The Vampire Bund. They said they are going to wait for the rest of the episodes to come out before making a final decision, meaning they realized they fucked up and are just trying to make fans like them again.

I hope they won’t, but FUNimation isn’t always the smartest company in my opinion. Really, there isn’t much that they have to worry about. I am pretty sure everything is legal in the US since the characters are all of age and it’s not hardcore porn. Handley may have got screwed over, but without someone trying to release something in the original form, we will never know how far the dumb asses in the legal system will go.


Dance In The Vampire Bund US DVD Release To Be Editted

Well, what do you know, FUNimation is being a fuck ass again. This time they will be censoring Dance IN The Vampire Bund on DVD because “some material may be objectionable to some audiences.” Well, here is the problem, ANIME WATCHERS ARE USED TO “OFFENSIVE” MATERIAL FUNIMATION!

Hopefully the negative stuff from the viewers will convince them not too or the licensees will say no to the edits since this  is completely idiotic and will only lead to more fansub downloads thanwha would initially happen.

FUNimation is full of dumb asses.

Censors = shit

Uncut = great


Baka to Test to Shōkanjū And Dance In The Vampire Bund Licensed By FUNimation

Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, the Hideyoshi fanservice and gag anime has been licensed for simulcast streaming  online by FUNimation along with Loli vampire anime Dance In the Vampire Bund.

Baka to Test will start showing the first 2 episodes on March 5th at 11Am EST along with the first 4 episodes on Vampire Bund. I recommend both shows  to people that enjoy good anime, but those who enjoy things like Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Digimon should stay away from my Baka to Test so it is not ruined. I’m serious, if you think those 3 shows I just named are really good, quit reading now.

Baka to Test’s FUNi page

Vampire Bund FUNi Page

So glad this is happening since the Fansubs  groups were having the typical fansub drama  to make everyone feel sorry for them. Seriously, they should just start a fansub soap opera since that is how they act most of the time.


Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei Coming To America!

Finally, someone is bringing this awesome series to the US. This May, Media Blasters will be releasing Vol. 1 in the US for $29.99. Of course, there is some other stuff too, but it isn’t important enough to  care about.

This show is a very funny show, plus it is weird, so it is almost perfect. The only problem is that sometimes it can be really hard to follow, but, I don’t mind.

I wonder though if they will be getting the other seasons.


My Thoughts On: Hanamaru Kindergarten

Hanamaru Kindergarten is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, so I decided I would give it a try. Hit the link below to find out if I liked it, or if it was a horrible show.

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My Thoughts On Baka To Test To Shōkanjū

Baka to Test To Shōkanjū is the typical magical school anime, but it is fun to watch. While not high budget when it comes to the actual battles between classes, the humor is decent enough to keep me watching.

Set in a world where based on your test scores, your class is separated from the rest and given worse rooms, class F has set their sites on A since they are unhappy with the current conditions. ESBs are used to gain control of a class. The test scores are a students strength, and I don’t feel like explaining the rest of  the rules.

So far, the characters are pretty fun to watch, with the typical Tsundere, the shy girl, the trap, etc. Of course Shimada Minami (On the left of the picture up top) the tsundere is my favorite, but the others are nice too. Plus, I can sense a harem incoming, and I love me some harem anime for  some reason I have yet to figure out.

Visuals are pretty nice character wise, but you rarely see any new settings or backgrounds, which would be bad if it was needed, but considering how this is an anime that takes place in a school, it is fine.

If you are looking for a school comedy, here is the show for you this season.

I give it a 3.5/5

Sometimes, You Just Have Problems. Other Times, You Are just F*cking Crazy.

Found that on Japanator. It’s doesn’t get real creepy though until about half way. Koto Hikaru may need some sort of psychiatric help I think.

Cat Shit One Trailer

OMFG! This looks so awesome. Not too much longer since it starts sometime soon.

official website

Omamori Himari Coming To Crunchyroll

Omamori Himari will be coming to Crunchyroll in about 2 days for Members to watch.

The anime about a guy who who is protected by a cat girl because his family has a history with fighting demons is coming and you can expect me to try it out and see if it is any good.

If you want to stare at a countdown for nearly 2 days though, you can go to the official page here.

Also, remember that if you plan to sign up for Crunchyroll, go through my link on the left side. It helps me out, and it makes you feel better for being nice.

Promo 1

Promo 2

Chimpanzee Riding On A Segway = EPIC!

This could possibly be the most epic thing Japan has ever done.

Omamori Himari Promo 2

11eyes Getting An OVA

The adult game turned anime will be getting an OVA on BluRay and DVD this coming June 25th. But, it will be a different story than the anime that is currently airing.

Set to follow Yuka, Misuzu, Yukiko, Kukuri, and Shiori instead of Satsuke, it is unknown what the story will entail. Considering the focus will be on the female cast, I expect it to be perverted in some way I’m sure.

I will update if there is anymore information released.

If you would like to know what 11eyes is about, you can go to my earlier post here.


Omamori Himari Promo