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Lucky Star Credit Card Will Be Awesome

39752__468x_kona-cardThis is the best idea ever in my opinion. THe credit card functions like a normal one, except that you get points for buying things, which can be spent on special items. I think they did this to be similar to how Konata shops at Gamers and other shops for points, but I could be wrong.

Currently, the card is only set for Japan, but maybe we can somehow get it in the states if we are extremely lucky.

Also, for those who are embarrassed about being an Otaku, the card can be registered with a mobile phone wallet to keep it out of site.

You can read more on it here if you know Japanese.



SHUFFLE! DS Game Trailer Posted

Release Date: 6/25/09

I don’t know what kind of game it is, but if it’s minigames, I might import it. I can’t play text heavy games if they are Japanese, but minigame and music ones are just fine.

Nagi Is Getting The Worship She Needs… Through Butter?

nagi-sama-butter-1Ok, not really butter, but butter candy. But who cares, Nagi is awesome no matter what.

nagi-sama-butter-4These things were made from the butter of cows that “could have” grazed on some sacred grass. So obviously could be they are good.

Hopefully one day we can have a Tsugumi one since she is just as awesome.

Right now, they are on sale at Gamers for ¥788 until supplies run out. So everyone that lives in japan needs to buy me one and send it to me. The first person to do this will get a free letter of gratitude from me.