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3DS Impressions Video

So recently (meaning today we got to try out the 3DS at the Best Buy at the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. I can officially say without a doubt that it is pretty awesome. The 3d work quite well, the buttons feel sturdy, the build quality is high and the screen is very nice looking.  Just hit the link for the full preview. Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII Unboxing

Here is an unboxing video for all the people that happen to read stuff I type.

Sakura Yoshino Of Da Capo Is Getting Her Own Anime

Sakura Yoshino is getting her own anime, but not the kind yo uwould expect. She is going to be Magical Girl Sakura now. This 9-year old may seem like she is just a normal girl in a normal school, but she is really a Magical Girl trying to fight for justice.

Currently there is no release date announced, but expect sometime around fall or winter of this year.


BlazBlue X DS Trailer


THe game is a DSiWare game, meaning it is a download only one, but even that can’t justify making a stupid kid version of the game.

BlazBlue PSP Trailer

Not sure if I will buy this since I have it on PS3 already and the graphics won’t be as nice looking. Yeah, it will be portable, but there isn’t really any difference other than legion mode which could easily be added though an update to the PS3 version.

Drink Your Damn Juice

MOther 3 Fan Made Anime Opening

Can’t wait to start my second play through over Christmas break. Amazing game that is truly sad in my opinion. Especially the ending.