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MOther 3 Fan Made Anime Opening

Can’t wait to start my second play through over Christmas break. Amazing game that is truly sad in my opinion. Especially the ending.


Good Stuff Again

e6780bef136a19d899349a97542fd97c1235082824_fullAwesome stuff was announced again today. 1 show that I have been wanting a US release of for a while and another show that I wanted them to finish for a long time are both coming to the US. Though, this wont be without problem for me as in emo kids Adult Swims horrendous ways of showing anime. Oh well, I think I will be able to handle it, maybe.

As for the rest of the day, I played Killzone 2 some more and I beat Metroid Zero Mission for the second time this week. Buit, this time in MZM, I finished in 1 hour 1 minute and 23 seconds, which beats my old time by 30 minutes. It made me feel awesome, until I saw that some people have already done normal runs in 27 minutes.

Well, I’m gonna go watch Kuroshitsuji some more. Sebastian is one hell of a butler after all.

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Shigesato Itoi Dancing

This time it’s a video that I made. Yes, I know it doesn’t say Kamanashi since Kamanashi was taken on youtube. So I use polyteredfasha since it is my old internet alias.

This one was done by SmaMan on EarthboundCentral.

I get the feeling that this may end up being another internet meme if enough people start making them. Which would be cool since I would be like, a co-creator or something.

DSi Only Cartridges Incomming

nintendo_dsi_officialWell, this is just fantastic, I have to buy a 3rd DS if I want to play some game or possibly all games after a certain date. According to Nintendo, there will be DSi-only and DSi-Enhanced games.

Only is self explanatory and enhanced means it works on all DSs but will have the rest of the features on the DSi.

I originally wasn’t planning to buy a DSi since there is no GBA slot, but I guess I will have to deal with it until someone finds a way to run GBA roms on the DSi.

Nintendo is really trying to make me poor now.


Mother 3 Possibly Coming To DS

BrownieBrown said they might make Mother 3 for DS if they are asked. Also, they want it to be released world wide, so that right there shows that people care about us Mother fans. Nintendo doesn’t though, Reggie is still a douche and Cammy (or whatever that smiling womans name is) isn’t helping either. Hopefully they are able to do this since it would definitely help people have fun.