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Reddish AMV

Maybe I should watch the rest of CANAAN. It looks pretty awesome.


Gungrave Live-Action Incomming?

gungrave2At least that’s how it seems. Convergence Entertainment has gained rights to produce a Live anction Gungrave film. THey even have the duget set to $30 million – $35 million. So, they must be serious.

Tim Kwok, known for the horrible movie called The Medallion, will be the producer for Gungrave, so right then, it just lost any hope of being aeven a little good.

Maybe one day, they will be a little more careful about what anime they turn into live action films. Some can be good, like Death Note or even Ghost In The Shell, but others need to be left alone. Like, Akira and Full Metal Panic. We already saw what happened to Dragon Ball, we don’t need that too happen again.


Canaan Promo Posted

Not much was shown. But I do like the art style, some of it reminded me of Bacanno!. Amd the air date is at the end of the video.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, RE1, and RE0 Remakes coming to US Wiis

re_darksideWell, Capcom announced the new Resident Evil today.

RE: The Darkside Chronicles will be based on the story of RE2, following Leon and Claire. The game will be like the last Chronicles game game play wise, which is good for the Wii. The first one was quite enjoyable.

RE1 and RE0 will also have the originally Japan exclusive Wii releases doming to the US later this year. With added Wii controls, it might get a new audience. I’m more happy that we are finally getting real games though.

I guess these will fill in the gap for Wii until the next MEtroid and Zelda games come out.


Real Life Assual Rifle With Chainsaw Bayonett

Some people are worried about the oncomming mayhem of last minute shopping. This guy has taken it upon himself to make a gun to fight off the gordes of zombie shoppers. “I wanted to protect my children when we go to McDonalds or when they piss in WalMart” is what he said. Hopefully, he is able to make this into a full fledged manufactured gun.