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Rainbow Girl AMV

My Black rock Shooter Figure Finally Came

It has finally came aand it is well worth it. Everything about her is nearly perfect. The detail of her clothes, the cuts, the hair, the stand, and everything else. Well, except for putting the chain on, that was kind of annoying since I don’t fully understand Japanese.

The rest of the pictures after the jump.

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Anime Characters Carved In Wood…


Official K-On!, Miku Hatsune, and Nendoroid Google Chrome Themes

001lAre you a Google Chrome user? Do you like K-On!, Miku, or collecting Nendoroids? Then I have found something you may like a lot. Themes for Chrome based on all 3 of those thing I just listed. Here are the links to them.

K-On! Theme

Miku Hatsune Theme

Nendoroid Theme

I myself like the Miku and Nendoroid ones the most, but you can use whichever you want. I might just switch to Chrome and give it a test run with these themes too see if it is any better than Firefox.



2009Mar03212423_15411Why is it that I’m always poor when stuff like this is put up for pre-order? Seriously, look at it. Is amazing looking.

Black_Rock_shooter_pic-739540If anyone wants to order it for me, leave a comment and I will set up a thing for you to order it for me only. You can’t get one for yourself, just me.

Oh and here is the song with the character this statue is based on. The virtual idol Miku Hatsune sung it.