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America! AMV By Kearly

WARNING: If the word FUCK offends you, then get the FUCK out and don’t FUCK around anymore since this AMV says FUCK a whole FUCKing lot.

Skip ahead 25 seconds to start or just wait it out.


FUNimation Gets The Sacred Blacksmith And Hetalia

FUNimation has announced some more anime, this time it’s The Sacred Blacksmith and Hetalia.

Currently they are both set for a Fall 2010 release in the US with Hetalia coming in 2 parts.

The Sacred Blacksmith centers around a girl named Cecil who joins  the Knight Guard to fight the monsters that plague the city. But she also has the Sacred blacksmith on her side to make the swords for her to use.

Hetalia is an anime of the stereotypical personifications of many nations and it is pretty funny. I only have seen 3 episodes, but I know I will be buying this when it comes out.

Hetalia Getting 3rd Season


Why yes good sir, that is exactly what my title says. And i hope you enjoy it since it is quite a funny web-anime that is really short and should really be in it’s 5th season by now considering how short said episodes are.

The anime is about 20 countries being personified and showing how stupid they truly are. It makes fun of each country from Japan, and Korea, to France and Italy.

I have only seen 1 episode of the first season though, so I really don’t know if it is as funny as I said earlier. That was just a line to bait you into reading the rest of this post.

Expect the anime to come online in 2010.


Hetalia Axis Powers Getting A Movie

aph___viva_hetalia_by_dreamertakako1More Hetalia for the fans will be incoming next year. Now shower me in your praise for being among the first to bring you this wonderful news. Ok, don’t do that, some of you may not take that in the correct way, but, you should still be happy.


Hetalia is the short web anime about the stereotypes of 20 different countries during ealrier periods of time, such as WWI and WWII. I think it is quite funny, and I hope it comes to the US sometime soon. Definitely would be nice to have a decent quality video instead of low quality ones.

For more information you can go here. Though, it’s in Japanese, so you may want to use an online translator, even if they kinda suck.

Hetalia Anime Getting A Second Season

aph___viva_hetalia_by_dreamertakako1The gag anime making fun of 20 different personified during different periods in history is back with a 26-episode season. Like the first, it will play online and on cell phones, so I am assuming there will be no TV showing, especially since each episode is 5-minutes.

I never saw or read Hetalia before, but it sounds interesting. Maybe I will watch the first season now.