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Freak Out Fridays: Keyboard Smashing!

This time we have Angry German Kid played to some anime OPs and EDs. Seems to be a perfect fit to me.

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HypnoStar AMV By Nostromo

Christmas Themed Anime Wallpaper Pack

It’s that time of year again, and I decided I would give everyone an early Christmas present in the from of my Winter/Christmas anime wallpaper folder. Also, there are some that even non-anime fans may enjoy.

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Awesome Transformers X Lucky☆Star Video

I found this on Japanator today and couldn’t help but post it again. Even though I don’t watch Transformers stuff a lot, this still was awesome since it had Lucky☆Star related stuff as the base.

Most Epic Night Of Nights Post I could Come Up With At The Time

Tonight is the night of nights here on Paradigm Shift (soon to be Kamanashi.net) so to show my appreciation for everything, here are the Night of Nights videos I found. Also, I this post has the most tags ever for this blog.

EPIC! That’s all I have to say.

Minorin may only be my 3rd favorite female character in Toradora, but that’s only because I already have 1st and second filled.

You can never have enough Haruhi, even if the episode is Endless Eight.

And the final video is…

Sketch Of Kagami Sold for 1.3 Million Yen

20090713-1In fact, it was that very sketch right there. $14,000 when converted to the US Dollar.

The sketch was done by Naru Nanao, who some of you might remember as the guy who did Sola’s, Da Capo’s, and ef -afairy tale of the two-‘s character designs.

The sketch was given away for free originally as part of a monthly drawing for the December 2007 issue of COMPTIQ, so the guy who sold this just made more money than I do in a year just for reading a magazine. Lucky bastard.

Maybe I can sell my autographed photo of of Kalafina for that much. Hell, it’s worth s hot, if he can sell a drawing he won for that much, I can do the same.

For bid history, go here.

Source (Japanese)

Saitama Prefecture Thinking About Using Lucky Star Uniforms In Schools

luckystar-fourgirlsshockSaitama is officially the coolest place ever. Lucky Star takes place there, they have a shrine that Lucky Star had, the creator lived in the house that Konata’s is based off, and now they might be having the girls uniforms based off Lucky Star’s uniforms.

Imagine, cosplayers everywhere. Some won’t even realize it until some random otaku comes up telling them they look like Kagami or Konata. Though, it will be hillarious to see that. I just wonder if there will be anyone who really takes it to the extreme and goes all out to look like one of the characters.

All this would be done to increase tourism. I know it would be enough to get me to go.


Lucky Star Credit Card Will Be Awesome

39752__468x_kona-cardThis is the best idea ever in my opinion. THe credit card functions like a normal one, except that you get points for buying things, which can be spent on special items. I think they did this to be similar to how Konata shops at Gamers and other shops for points, but I could be wrong.

Currently, the card is only set for Japan, but maybe we can somehow get it in the states if we are extremely lucky.

Also, for those who are embarrassed about being an Otaku, the card can be registered with a mobile phone wallet to keep it out of site.

You can read more on it here if you know Japanese.