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Things That Made Me Go WTF: This Guy Was Already Insane Before This

He couldn’t even sing a good song, such as ANdrew W.K.’s It’s Time To Party.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with him? First Sonichu now this… I have given up all hope for humanity. I welcome 2012 now.


BlazBlue X DS Trailer


THe game is a DSiWare game, meaning it is a download only one, but even that can’t justify making a stupid kid version of the game.

BlazBlue PSP Trailer

Not sure if I will buy this since I have it on PS3 already and the graphics won’t be as nice looking. Yeah, it will be portable, but there isn’t really any difference other than legion mode which could easily be added though an update to the PS3 version.

Blazblue Continuum Shift Trailer

I don’t mind buying again if they fix the overpowered characters. Plus, the added characters will be nice to have.

Λ-11 (Lambda), Hazama, and Tsubaki Yayoi are so far confirmed, but there may be more. I myself am more excited about Hazama then anybody else. Though, I would have liked to have squirrel girl Makoto.

BlazBlue: Calamity trigger Coming To US In Summer ’09

This games looks awesome. To bad I have to wait till summer… Or I could just import it. Hmm… I think I will wait since it is already scheduled for a US release.

Press Release

WTF Is This?

wtf-is-thisYou apparently are not supposed to ask your teacher questions about something they require you to do. What kind of shit is that? Sometimes I wonder why people can’t figure out why everyone hates school.

Today was boring again. Why can’t I have a day like Kyon or even Harima? They are lucky, atleast school is fun for them. The best I get is psychopaths that are in love with me. They cut themselves with keys and have imaginary girl friends. Sometimes i fear for my life just being near him. Someone save me please.

I finished Baccano vol. 1 last night and Isaac and Miria are now officially my favorite characters in Baccano. They are just so stupid, so I guess that is why I like them. Though, I typically can’t stand stupid people, they are syupid in a funny way. Can’t wait for the next volume, but who knows when I will be able to buy that.

Well, I have nothign else to say, so I am going to watch Minami-Ke Okaeri and the go to bed. Yo ucan watch this while you wait for me to grace the internets with my presence again.

This made me miss Naruto, but I quit watching because the English dub was horribly funny at times to me. I need to buy the DVDs so I can watch the subs atleast.