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High School Of The Dead Trailer Makes Me Want A Zombie Appocalypse

Looks like Dead Rising with teenagers in a school. Whats not to like about that? The animation looks superb even on this low quality cam version, the story is interesting, and the setting is something I never saw.Plus, it’s animated by Madhouse.

The story more or less is about a group of Japanese High schoolers trying to survive in a zombie filled world. Not sure if there is much more, but at least the characters look interesting and the amount of gore should be fun to watch.

Currently, it is set for a Fall 2010 release, so not much longer. Too bad I won’t be in High school at that time.

Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei Coming To America!

Finally, someone is bringing this awesome series to the US. This May, Media Blasters will be releasing Vol. 1 in the US for $29.99. Of course, there is some other stuff too, but it isn’t important enough to¬† care about.

This show is a very funny show, plus it is weird, so it is almost perfect. The only problem is that sometimes it can be really hard to follow, but, I don’t mind.

I wonder though if they will be getting the other seasons.


King Of Thorn English Trailer Up Now

king-of-thornKing Of Thorn had it’s movie announced back in June, and finally we get a trailer. You will have to leave my great blog to see it though, so just go here, but remember to come back.

King of Thorn is about a virus that basically calcifies the body. 100% death rate and no cure in site, they decide to put a bunch of the infected into cryostasis until they have a cure. Well, they don’t get that cure. When everyone wakes up, they learn that the shit hit the fan long ago, but in order to learn what exactly happened, they have to survive first. Monsters, or whatever they are attack them, the thorny vines move, and there are only 7 of them left in the facility. Can they live through it to reach the outside?

Set for a 2010 release worldwide, Sunrise has definitely shown that there will be some good anime coming out then. This movie will probably be my favorite movie of next year for sure. Hopefully they give a better date soon though.

Tuo Sthgil AMV

Hey, this describes what I enjoy the most at school. Watching kids fight is always a plus.

Song: Lights Out by Mindless Self Indulgence

School Days VN English Translation Episode 1 Released

schooldays-smallFinally, a public release of the School Days VN English translation. Sekai Project is still working on the other episodes, and have stated that episodes 2 – 4 should be out by the end of this year.

The reason they took so long with episodes1 is because they had to get a method of patching the game made. This can take many week, months, or even years to do, but once it is done, you can easily finish the translation.

Hopefully they get many downloads so they know that people appreciate what they have done.

You can download the English patch here.

Also, make sure you follow the directions because that will help get it up and running. With these types of things, the smallest error can cause the game not too work.

Soul Eater

This Sunday I started watching Soul Eater. Its an anime about this school, Shibusen, in the Death City. The school is ran by the shinigami death… Continue reading

Run, Shoot, Slash, Kill, Repeat!