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King of Fighters Live Action Trailer



Holy shit, what the hell was that?

Gungrave Live-Action Incomming?

gungrave2At least that’s how it seems. Convergence Entertainment has gained rights to produce a Live anction Gungrave film. THey even have the duget set to $30 million – $35 million. So, they must be serious.

Tim Kwok, known for the horrible movie called The Medallion, will be the producer for Gungrave, so right then, it just lost any hope of being aeven a little good.

Maybe one day, they will be a little more careful about what anime they turn into live action films. Some can be good, like Death Note or even Ghost In The Shell, but others need to be left alone. Like, Akira and Full Metal Panic. We already saw what happened to Dragon Ball, we don’t need that too happen again.