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I Will Never look At Bayonetta The Same Way Ever Again

WARNING: The following video will probably offend people, but I don’t really care. It’s your choice whether or not you want to watch it. But in all honesty, it is rather funny.

Also, this is definitely NSFW

[Dailymotion id=xcoqdz]



Seikon no Qwaser Teaser

THis has got to have one of the weirdest stories I have seen in a while. The students on in a school in Japan, they all have Russian names, and drink this woman’s breast milk in order to keep their magic powers. Yeah, I’m as lost as you are.


Working Images now!!!

Japan is known for some really good things. Like anime and the super nintendo. Much more recently for me it has been Earth Bound or “Mother 2” as some of you freaks like to call it, and yes I called you a freak. So far on this blog weve covered a lot of the newer werid stuff like a whore vending machine, and why coke machines sell three different size bottles for the same amount of yen. This is more of the simplier non techno that actually looks from the eightys in japan. Special thanks to APPLE JUICE …i think thats what she wants to be called idk. How should someone name a twitter person??? @apljuc

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Coming soon a full all out review of SOUL EATER. Many have seen this anime others have not. Here on paradign shift I will be reviewing it and its greatful awesomeness that is the magic of fighting and other things that will be mentioned at a later time. coming soon. not now…

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Products That Help With Your Ass And Penis

If your nuts are being smashed when you sit down, more than likely you have huge balls. It’s not the chairs fault.

I guess if you are a fat ass like someone I know, this may help you wipe and make yourself smell better. But really, if you are so fat you can’t reach, wake the hell up from your dream and realize you are making others suffer.

Scaring People On Xbox Live Is Fun

1b0c6511b9f834152e45be25b3e9a45f1234622244_fullI learned today that making up wars that never existed and talking about them makes people afraid of you. Samclopski’s War was one that many of the team mates I went through on Halo 3 had to hear about, most of them left after it. Apparently telling them you injected urine into your eyes makes you have 45 children from 20 women makes them uneasy around you. Though, one enjoyed it so much he added me on Xbox Live.

As you can see, I am bored and need something to do. I would play Valkyria Chronicles all day, but I need that to last all this week so I won’t become extremely bored. Though, this is better than school, so I’m fine with being bored instead of bored and miserable.

Also, I think K-On! is officially my favorite anime this season, it’s that, or Eden Of The East. I won’t know about Eden Of the East until I see another episode. Either way, they are both enjoyable and will make the wait for the second collection of Clannad faster.

Well, I am going to watch Bleach now, I will be back tomorrow when I wake up.