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Freak Out Fridays: Keyboard Smashing!

This time we have Angry German Kid played to some anime OPs and EDs. Seems to be a perfect fit to me.

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HypnoStar AMV By Nostromo

Christmas Themed Anime Wallpaper Pack

It’s that time of year again, and I decided I would give everyone an early Christmas present in the from of my Winter/Christmas anime wallpaper folder. Also, there are some that even non-anime fans may enjoy.

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Awesome Transformers X Lucky☆Star Video

I found this on Japanator today and couldn’t help but post it again. Even though I don’t watch Transformers stuff a lot, this still was awesome since it had Lucky☆Star related stuff as the base.

My Thoughts On Seitokai no Ichizon

SeitokaiRight now, I am only 1 episode in, but it is alright. Seems like it just wants to be the next Lucky Star or Hayate no Gotoku. Thoguh, it kinda fails, while at the same time it does alright. The way it fails is mostly in the trying to hard department.

By trying to hard, I mean it really tries to hard. Throughout the whole first episode, one of the main jokes they play throughout is the one making fun of harem anime every chance they get. While funny, I see it growing old if that is the one they use all the time. All the other jokes are either barely mentioned, or go by so fast, you may have to rewind to hear it correctly.

Video wise, it was lackluster. The colors were dull, the animation was almost non existent at times, and the character designs could be a little better. Taking place in the same room for 98% of the episode, you almost never see a change in the backdrop. Some may see it as saving money on a relatively unknown anime based on a manga that no one ever even expected an anime from, I see it as laziness. Though, this laziness could work to there advantage if the later episodes are able to keep the humor high enough without overdoing the jokes.

Audio wise, it was the same as any other anime you get from a fansub group. Not too great, but not completely horrible. As for the VAs, some of them were kinda sucky, but others did their role decently. I don’t know if the point was to make fun of VAs in general when they suck, but it can be kinda annoying if you just watched something like Higashi no Eden or another great anime. Also, the music, if it existed, sucked too. I don’t remember it, so I probably tuned it out for sucking.

Overall, it has potential, but if the director stays like he was for the first episode, I don’t see many wanting to watch more that 4 episodes before going back to another anime gag anime.

U.N. Owen Wa Kanojo Nanoka Nico Mega Mix Video

Nanoha and Misao were the best in the video, but the rest was just as annoyingly good.

Most Epic Night Of Nights Post I could Come Up With At The Time

Tonight is the night of nights here on Paradigm Shift (soon to be Kamanashi.net) so to show my appreciation for everything, here are the Night of Nights videos I found. Also, I this post has the most tags ever for this blog.

EPIC! That’s all I have to say.

Minorin may only be my 3rd favorite female character in Toradora, but that’s only because I already have 1st and second filled.

You can never have enough Haruhi, even if the episode is Endless Eight.

And the final video is…

Sketch Of Kagami Sold for 1.3 Million Yen

20090713-1In fact, it was that very sketch right there. $14,000 when converted to the US Dollar.

The sketch was done by Naru Nanao, who some of you might remember as the guy who did Sola’s, Da Capo’s, and ef -afairy tale of the two-‘s character designs.

The sketch was given away for free originally as part of a monthly drawing for the December 2007 issue of COMPTIQ, so the guy who sold this just made more money than I do in a year just for reading a magazine. Lucky bastard.

Maybe I can sell my autographed photo of of Kalafina for that much. Hell, it’s worth s hot, if he can sell a drawing he won for that much, I can do the same.

For bid history, go here.

Source (Japanese)

Saitama Prefecture Thinking About Using Lucky Star Uniforms In Schools

luckystar-fourgirlsshockSaitama is officially the coolest place ever. Lucky Star takes place there, they have a shrine that Lucky Star had, the creator lived in the house that Konata’s is based off, and now they might be having the girls uniforms based off Lucky Star’s uniforms.

Imagine, cosplayers everywhere. Some won’t even realize it until some random otaku comes up telling them they look like Kagami or Konata. Though, it will be hillarious to see that. I just wonder if there will be anyone who really takes it to the extreme and goes all out to look like one of the characters.

All this would be done to increase tourism. I know it would be enough to get me to go.


Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Daler Mehndi

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Lucky Star Credit Card Will Be Awesome

39752__468x_kona-cardThis is the best idea ever in my opinion. THe credit card functions like a normal one, except that you get points for buying things, which can be spent on special items. I think they did this to be similar to how Konata shops at Gamers and other shops for points, but I could be wrong.

Currently, the card is only set for Japan, but maybe we can somehow get it in the states if we are extremely lucky.

Also, for those who are embarrassed about being an Otaku, the card can be registered with a mobile phone wallet to keep it out of site.

You can read more on it here if you know Japanese.


Miyakawa-ke no Kūfuku To Restart Run in June Issue Of Comp Ace

compace200712ud2Kagami Yoshimizu is planning to relaunch Miyakawa-ke no Kūfukuthis June in Comp Ace. The 2 characters, Hinata and Hikage Miyakawa were featured in Lucky Star Moe Drill, so people that haven’t read the 4-panel comics before may recognise them. It originally ran in Comp H, but that ended publication last year.

I really don’t know anything about the story of this, since there really isn’t one, but it may be a good read if he has the same quality that was with Lucky Star.


Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Sometime I Want To Quit Watching Anime

Wow, that was a total ear rape times 1,000. I love Lucky Star, but they ruined it for me. These girls swear they know Japanese, and yet they use Google Translator to translate it.

I may not be able to understand a whole lot, and the little I do know was learned from anime and it is only short phrases, but this is embarrassing to me. Japanese people even hate these girls.

In the following self description, she states that one of them is like Konata (Kona-chan), which she is not. If you would like to meet a real life version of Konata, you can talk to me. Basically I act just like her.

We are a singing group that likes to focus on spreading the japanese culture in all its kawaii glory around the youtube.
Our style is refined, and likes to focus on vocal talent (soprano :3) and the celebration of individual talent, as documented by the ancient greeks, through the ideals of the society, mainly arete and ergon.
Our aliases are as follows, desu:
Riri-chan- the neko (kitteh). Always kawaii and cheerful, bringing smiles to everyone around her. However, can be sassy when provoked. Also very naiive at times. Alot like Kona-chan. ^_____^
Bera-chan- the inu (doggeh). Very loyal amongst her friends. However, can be a bit of a BITCH. (lol! get it?! a bitch? XDDDDDDDDDDDD) Also sisters to riri-chan, as parents (both male) were a lion and a wolf, hence the genes were split. Best friends with magareta-chan.
Maggie-chan: the usagi (bunneh). Very shy and intellectually capable. Very introverted, hence the reason that she is only in select fandubs. She can often be heard crying her catchphrase “gomenassaiii~!” translation: “i apologise for the grievance my actions may have inflicted upon your feelings~!” (thnx google translater!!!)

You can find their page here. http://www.youtube.com/user/lolhikiwi


asleepWell, I’m tired now, so I am going to bed. Nothing else happened today with the “hackers” stuff other than the network is slowing down tremendously now. I doubt I will be seeing them for to much longer.

Well, I am going to bed now, I will post agian tomorrow. You can watch this while I am gone.

Third Annual Seiyū Awards Winners (Partial List)

Well, a partial list of the Third Annual Seiyū Awards was posted on 2ch today. One of my favorites won this year for actress, Rie Kugimiya. They also are having an Overseas award too. Hmm… who would I want to win that? Michelle Ruff, Wendee Lee, Kari Wahlgren, Johnny Yong Bosch, or Vic Mignogna? I don’t know, any of them would be fine, they are all amazing voice actors/actresses.

Best Lead Actor Award

Hiroshi Kamiya

Best Lead Actress Award

Rie Kugimiya

Best Supporting Actor Awards

Kazuhiko Inoue

Tomokazu Sugita

Best Supporting Actress Awards

Aya Endo

Miyuki Sawashiro

Best New Actor Awards

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Yuuki Kaji

Best New Actress Awards

Kana Asumi

Haruka Tomatsu

Best Singing Award

Megumi Nakajima

Best Personality Award

Jun Fukuyama

Found on 2ch, posted and composed in English by ANN (AnimeNewsNetwork)


snapshot20081011222841I once again win. They will regret putting that stuff on the server. With all the proof that is falling in our hands, there is no way to get out of it now. Which is pretty funny.

With all the funny stuff happening today, I really don’t know what to do. SHould I laugh, or just smile? I think I will do both. HAHAHAHA! See, I laughed, and your pie was halved.

I think I have playedKillzone 2 more than Call of Duty World At War now. Truly is an amazing game, but, I might forget about it for a while after Resident Evil 5 is out.

Well, I had nothing else happen today, but I’m sure tomorrow will be fun. Here watch this video to pass the time.