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Ikki Tousen Getting 4th Season?

Ikki Tousen, the anime about the clothes of girls flying off durring battle is supposedly getting a 4th season according to Comic GUM magazine’s next issue.

Set to be named Ikki Tousen XX: Xtreme Xecutor, you know it is sure to have an extreme amount of boobs bouncing on the screen atleast 85% of the time.

FUNimation has licensed and released the 1st season in a complete series box set for $37.49, while AnimeWorks (Media Blasters) has the rights for the 2nd and 3rd seasons and plans to release those starting today. The first volume which contains 6 episodes came out today for $22.49 form RightStuf


Media Blasters Gets Queen’s Blade And Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

374354I’m not 100% sure how to react to this. On one hand, Queen’s Blade was one title I never expected anyone to license, so I am happy to see the least likely titles starting to get licensed, on the other hand, Queen’s Blade is supposed to be kinda bad, not horrible, just not great. According to some online, Queen’s Blade only has the huge boobs going for it, but others seem to think it is a good show for other things. I myself haven’t watched it, but I might give it a try eventually. Both seasons were licensed.

Ikkitousen is something i do know a little a about, at least from the game I do. Having played the PSP game before, I know that the girls clothes tend to disintegrate while fighting. They eventually end up in only bras and underwear. Don’t ask me why this happens, as i don’t know, but that is in the anime also. But, the anime also has a story that people say is relatively interesting too, and the first 2 season of it are already out in the US, so apparently someone liked it.

Oh well, at least the anime industry in the US is getting better.

Currently, both anime are set to be out before the summer of next year and will come with English dubs.


Seikon no Qwaser Teaser

THis has got to have one of the weirdest stories I have seen in a while. The students on in a school in Japan, they all have Russian names, and drink this woman’s breast milk in order to keep their magic powers. Yeah, I’m as lost as you are.

Code Gayass: A Code Geass Parody

WARNING: I take no responsibility if you get in trouble for watching this. There is quite a bit of mature humor in it, and it may be offensive to some if not most people. By pressing play, you agree that you are a masochist and enjoy offensive material. You hereby agree to also not sue me for any mental scarring related to incest, rape, murder, mature humor, life, etc, or really anything at all. I have Phoenix Wright on my side, so you will lose anyways.

If you agree, proceed. If you do not agree, click here.

Also, I recommend watching in HD with fullscreen as it makes the subs a lot easier to read.

Berserk Manga Coming Back After Idol Master Induced Hiatus

berserk3After a 8 issue (4 month)  hiatus, Berserk is coming back. Rumors have been ciruclating that it was on hiatus so the creators could play Idol Master, which is the best reason to go and stop making them isn’t it?

I have seen Berserk on the shelves but never read it, so I really don’t know if it is any good. But, I can make a quick summary from google search results.

This bad ass dude with a huge ass sword is out for revenge. Having lived with these mercenary ass holes when he was young, he automatically became some battle hardened hero. Now, he meets all these girls and guys that talk to him and change him at the same time. Follow his adventures through the mature rated world of Berserk until they finally allow him to get revenge.

Maybe I will pick it up one day, if I feel like it.

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