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FUNi May Not Edit DVD Version of Dance In The Vampire Bund

Well, it now seems FUNiamtion is starting to have some common sense and may not edit the DVD release of Dance In The Vampire Bund. They said they are going to wait for the rest of the episodes to come out before making a final decision, meaning they realized they fucked up and are just trying to make fans like them again.

I hope they won’t, but FUNimation isn’t always the smartest company in my opinion. Really, there isn’t much that they have to worry about. I am pretty sure everything is legal in the US since the characters are all of age and it’s not hardcore porn. Handley may have got screwed over, but without someone trying to release something in the original form, we will never know how far the dumb asses in the legal system will go.



Dance In The Vampire Bund US DVD Release To Be Editted

Well, what do you know, FUNimation is being a fuck ass again. This time they will be censoring Dance IN The Vampire Bund on DVD because “some material may be objectionable to some audiences.” Well, here is the problem, ANIME WATCHERS ARE USED TO “OFFENSIVE” MATERIAL FUNIMATION!

Hopefully the negative stuff from the viewers will convince them not too or the licensees will say no to the edits since this  is completely idiotic and will only lead to more fansub downloads thanwha would initially happen.

FUNimation is full of dumb asses.

Censors = shit

Uncut = great


Baka to Test to Shōkanjū And Dance In The Vampire Bund Licensed By FUNimation

Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, the Hideyoshi fanservice and gag anime has been licensed for simulcast streaming  online by FUNimation along with Loli vampire anime Dance In the Vampire Bund.

Baka to Test will start showing the first 2 episodes on March 5th at 11Am EST along with the first 4 episodes on Vampire Bund. I recommend both shows  to people that enjoy good anime, but those who enjoy things like Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Digimon should stay away from my Baka to Test so it is not ruined. I’m serious, if you think those 3 shows I just named are really good, quit reading now.

Baka to Test’s FUNi page

Vampire Bund FUNi Page

So glad this is happening since the Fansubs  groups were having the typical fansub drama  to make everyone feel sorry for them. Seriously, they should just start a fansub soap opera since that is how they act most of the time.


My Thoughts On Baka To Test To Shōkanjū

Baka to Test To Shōkanjū is the typical magical school anime, but it is fun to watch. While not high budget when it comes to the actual battles between classes, the humor is decent enough to keep me watching.

Set in a world where based on your test scores, your class is separated from the rest and given worse rooms, class F has set their sites on A since they are unhappy with the current conditions. ESBs are used to gain control of a class. The test scores are a students strength, and I don’t feel like explaining the rest of  the rules.

So far, the characters are pretty fun to watch, with the typical Tsundere, the shy girl, the trap, etc. Of course Shimada Minami (On the left of the picture up top) the tsundere is my favorite, but the others are nice too. Plus, I can sense a harem incoming, and I love me some harem anime for  some reason I have yet to figure out.

Visuals are pretty nice character wise, but you rarely see any new settings or backgrounds, which would be bad if it was needed, but considering how this is an anime that takes place in a school, it is fine.

If you are looking for a school comedy, here is the show for you this season.

I give it a 3.5/5

Kanokon Licensed By Media Blasters

Kanokon, the shota molestor fox girl anime is now coming to the US this April.

Kanokon is the story of a fox demon who has fallen in love with a typical innocent high school boy who looks as if he is 9. She constantly tries to force him into sex when he is so pure that he can barely stay conscious from looking at some boobs.

Media Blasters has done great things again in my opinion, now if only they would get Kodomo no Jikan, then I would be satisfied fully.

RightStuf Page $22.49


FUNimation Gets The Sacred Blacksmith And Hetalia

FUNimation has announced some more anime, this time it’s The Sacred Blacksmith and Hetalia.

Currently they are both set for a Fall 2010 release in the US with Hetalia coming in 2 parts.

The Sacred Blacksmith centers around a girl named Cecil who joins  the Knight Guard to fight the monsters that plague the city. But she also has the Sacred blacksmith on her side to make the swords for her to use.

Hetalia is an anime of the stereotypical personifications of many nations and it is pretty funny. I only have seen 3 episodes, but I know I will be buying this when it comes out.

New Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Promo Online

Normally the second preview should help clarify things, I’m even more confused about this show now.