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Ieven Polka Of Minorin

Christmas Themed Anime Wallpaper Pack

It’s that time of year again, and I decided I would give everyone an early Christmas present in the from of my Winter/Christmas anime wallpaper folder. Also, there are some that even non-anime fans may enjoy.

Megaupload Link

Most Epic Night Of Nights Post I could Come Up With At The Time

Tonight is the night of nights here on Paradigm Shift (soon to be Kamanashi.net) so to show my appreciation for everything, here are the Night of Nights videos I found. Also, I this post has the most tags ever for this blog.

EPIC! That’s all I have to say.

Minorin may only be my 3rd favorite female character in Toradora, but that’s only because I already have 1st and second filled.

You can never have enough Haruhi, even if the episode is Endless Eight.

And the final video is…

Kokoro no Suushiki AMV

I really miss seeing new episodes of Toradora! Hopefully someone picks it up for a US release soon so I can have the DVDs though.

Toradora! Pre-Parade AMV

I really wish Toradora! was still on. It was a great show.

Toradora! + FUMOFFU? = AWESOME!

I woudl say this worked out just right. Calm and a good watch.

Toradora 19 Is Out

scan_10a59Even more anime to watch… YAY!! Now I will have even more to do. Maybe now we will know if Minorin will be going to the Christmas party. Wait, why is it Christmas on there? Oh well, it may be weird watching Christmas episodes, but they are good.

Toradora 19 MKV