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Rainbow Girl AMV

Seventh Heaven AMV

Every passing day I grow more and more impatient for this movie. Eureka, my dear, please find a way to release earlier than Feb. 9, why not tomorrow?

Eureka Seven -Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers- English Trailer Posted

I can’t go see it the night it comes out. :( But, atleast I can get the DVD or even a copy on Blu-Ray possibly later this year.

Eureka Seven Movie Trailer Streamed

eureka-seven-movieThis trailer was released earlier today, and based on what I saw in it, the movie will be either an alternate story or a continuation. Either way, I am excited. To bad I don’t live in Japan… Maybe if they release it here in theaters, I will be able to go see it. I need more Eureka 7, since I enjoyed the series so much.