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Canaan BluRay May Not Ship On Time (But Only If You Didn’t Order From RightStuf)

So, as you may have read from the title of this post which comes 2 months after my last post, it seems that the BluRay version of Canaan is only shipping if you ordered it from RightStuf. Amazon has stated that they didn’t receive any copies and are put on a 2 month backorder until further notice. Many other people in this thread on ANN are stating they had the same or similar happen to them with other stores.

Just getting a warning out for those who happened to be waiting for a shipping confirmation from Amazon and didn’t receive one. I myself hit them up wit ha question and got an answer back quickly, so that’s how I know about the backorder. Just gonna cancel my Amazon order, pay the extra $6, and wait a a couple extra days I suppose to get it from RightStuf since at least they should ship it out accordingly.

Also, to those who are all “LOL, YOU MAD? I HAZ MUH COPY ON DUH DVD!” Fuck you and your toilet. Ok, not really, but I am still mad.


Reddish AMV

Maybe I should watch the rest of CANAAN. It looks pretty awesome.

Yumeiro Pâtissière Added To Crunchyroll

yumeiroYumeiro Pâtissière was added to Crunchyroll’s lineup. But I don’t know when it iwll start airing just yet since the page is not available. But, I can tell you about Yumeiro Pâtissière right now.

A description taken from an earlier post of mine:

This one follows the story of a girl trying to become a pastry chef, and ends up meeting the spirit of sweets or god of sweets, for got which even though I read it only 2 minutes ago.Also, she sucks at doing stuff because she is clumsy.

So, that’s what it is about, will you watch it? Post a comment if you plan too, or if you have already seen some of it, tell us your thoughts.

Source (Bottom of page for listing)

Kobato Promo Video

Kadokawa, CLAMP, and Madhouse together as one? OH hell yeah, I am watching this the moment it comes on.

Kobato is a naive girl who has to fill up a bottle with the sadness in other people hearts in order to reach a certain place of happiness. But, in order to fulfill the requirements, she can’t fall in love with anybody she helps.

Hmm… Lets see here… Uhh… Ok? Yeah, ok. I will watch it, even if the story confused me a lot. mostly because I have this thing where if I see that CLAMP had somethign to do with an anime, I kinda just watch it for that. There are things I sat through that sucked just because CLAMP worked on something in it or did it all together.

This anime starts October 6th on NHK in Japan.

Nyan Koi! Anime Promo Posted

nyan-koi-wallpaper-2-1024c397768You may remember back in March when Nyan Koi! was announced. If not, you aren’t alone, I forgot all about it until now.

Finally, you can watch the promo of the anime about cats and people doing things. If you care that much about a proper description, go to the link above. Otherwise, keep reading. The promo is here.

See, it wasn’t that bad to read just a bit further, now was it? Not only did you get to see how the art turned out, but you probably were even more confused. I did learn one thing from it though, we can expect to see it air on TBS (Japan) this October.

Will I watch it? Probably. Will I like it? Unknown at this time?

Kiki’s Delivery Service Novel Ending

kikisdeliveryserviceThe Majo no Takkyūbin novel series that Studio Ghibli based Kiki’s Delivery service on in 1989 is finally coming to an end after 24 year. The 6th and final book is set to release in October of this year.

Kik’s Delivery Service is the story of how a 13 year old witch must go on the required journey to a city they have never been and study their witch craft while trying to make a living. Kiki and her talking cat Jiji live there together and Kiki does air courier service for people. but, what happens when she loses her power to fly will change everything.

You can get the first novel translated in English on Amazon here.

Kiki’s Delivery Service on DVD can be bought at Amazon or Rightstuf.


CANAAN Getting 3 Movies

258t01eCANAAN isn’t even done yet, and we already have a movie set of movies being made for it. 3 movies are set to start coming out in October that will essentially retell the anime with added scenes and what not. So, basically, you get the anime again, just, it takes up 3 movies instead of 13 episodes.

Japan seems to enjoy these a lot. Evangelion is getting some, Gurren Lagann is getting them, even Eden of The East. Maybe one day they will focus on making new seasons instead though, that would be much better.