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Otaku Gamer Series 1 – Episode 3: Star Fox SNES – Space Armada

This level has got to be the worst so far in my opinion. almost nothing happens, and flying through the ships ws made even worse by the fact that I could barely see the things jutting out from the wall. Not that I find this game all that enjoyable in the first place, but it still makes it worse.

Otaku Gamer Series 1 – Episode 2: Star Fox SNES – Asteroid (Option 1)

Episode 2 is up where I play the default asteroid level. This one was easier until the boss that threw me a surprise that nearly made me lose. You will need to watch the video to find out what.

Otaku Gamer Series 1 – Episode 1: Star Fox SNES – Corneria

A new series I will be doing on Youtube. Commentary should be on Series 2 with a a game I have yet to decide on.

Star Fox 64 is what introduced me to the Star Fox series, so having not ever played the SNES one, I decided I would record videos of my first ever play through.

Section 23 Gets Gintama, Living For The Day After Tomorrow, And Hidamari Sketch X 365

I never started watching Gintama on Crunchyroll, but I might as well pick up the DVDs when they are released. If you want a summary of Gintama, you can go to my earlier post here.

Hidamari Sketch X365 is a continuation of the first season and it takes place in Yuno’s second year of school.

Living For The Day After Tomorrow Shoko wanted to be older, and she gets that wish, but at the expense of Karada, Shoko’s brothers ex-girlfriend, losing year on her age. Now the 2 are the same age and must get along in Junior High. Can they make it threw together though.

All these will be coming out in April, with Hidamari Sketch X 365 Complete Collection being $39.98 Along with Living For The Day After Tomorrow being the same price. Gintama Collection 1 will also be the same price.


Hidamari Sketch, Glass Mask, and Neo Angelique Abyss Licensed By Section23

Hidamari_Sketch_x_365Well, 3 more anime titles were licensed by Section23. Hidamari Sketch, Glass Mask, and Neo Angelique Abyss are all set for a January 2010 release.

Hidamari Sketch is more or less a slice of life show, which I like for some reason. So I will probably pick it up. There isn’t much of a story, except a girl named Yuno goes to the Art School she wanted to get into and she lives her life with her friends there.

Glass Mask is the story of Maya and Ayumi competing in the performing arts to be the best I think. I don’t know if this will be good or not, so I may skip it if it sucks and gets bad reviews.

Neo Angelique Abyss is another monster of the week show I think. Angelique is a normal girl until she discovers she is a purifier I think, and they kills these life draining monsters called Thanatos.

Over all, the licenses may be good. Hidamari Sketch is one I look forward too, but not sure about the others yet.

Full press release is just a link below.

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AMV Revisit: Clarissa

If you are wondering why you may have seen this AMV before, it’s because I posted it nearly a year ago. I will be posting old AMVs along with new ones for the new users of this fantastic blog of greatness.

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Man’s Penis Bitten By A Snake While Using Bathroom

SnakeLoveHave yo uever had your penis bitten by a snake? Probably not, but the man of this story has.

In Taiwan, it is tropical, so snakes sometimes get into houses because there are so many. Even in places like Italy, this happens. Well, normally these snakes are easily dealt with and can be easily found. Except this snake, this snake was hidden inside a toilet.

The 51 year-old man ended up on the receiving end of something that was probably quite painful. While he was peeing in his toilet, he felt a sharp pain in his penis. Not knowing what was going on, he looks down to see that a snake had sunk it’s teeth into his sausage and was looking up at him. The teeth were deep in him, so he calls the hospital and is rushed there.

Luckily though, the injuries weren’t serous and the snake was not venomous, but the doctors were afraid he might get an infection. So, once he has been confirmed to have no infection, he is free to go.

Lately, a lot of people’s penises have been gitten bit off. Russians biting eachothers off over trailers, secretaries having a car accident and biting off their bosses penis durring it, and crazy people biting their own off in an ally way. Maybe the worl is going crazy for some reason, I don’t really know. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with this though.

source (Japanese text)