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Spice and Wolf II, Eden Of The East Movies, And Chobits Licensed By FUNimation

Well, not too long ago today, FUNi announced 3 more acquisitions. Spice and Wolf II, Eden of the East movies, and Chobits (rescue) were all licensed.

Currently, they are all set for release in 2011 on DVD and BluRay.

Damn, evenĀ  a year long wait for a rescued title? FUNi is seriously going to have to start speeding up since Sentai is so fast and is becoming more and more popular.



Eden of The East the Movie II: Paradise Lost Trailer Posted

The second movies trailer is now up after the movie being delayed to add in an extra 30 minutes of footage.

Here is the link to the trailer for all to watch it.

I know the first movie was a retelling of the series, but I am not sure if the second is a continuation of that or if it is a proper sequel. I guess we will find out soon enough though since the movie starts showing in Japanese theaters on March 13, 2010.

Eden Of The East’s Second Movie Delayed By 2 Months

The second movie has been delayed to March 2010 for production reasons. They are adding 30 minutes to it so the story is expanded allowing for better quality.

The first movie is still on track for this Saturday in Japan.

FUNimation will probably get these movies sometime next year since they announced that they had licensed the original anime back at Otakon this year.


New Eden Of The East Trailer Posted

eden of the eastThe new trailer can be seen right here.

Currently, the first movie is set to release in Japanese theaters on December 19, 2009. The second is January 9, 2010. So, based on that, I say it’s safe to assume the first 2 will be retellings, and the 3rd will be totally new stuff.

FUNimation licensed the TV series earlier this year, and I would like them to hurry up and release it so I can finish. I got 5 episodes in when they licensed it, and since i like to support anime unlike some ass hats, I will be waiting to buy it.


Casshern Sins Also Licensed By FUNimation

CasshernSinsI missed this announcement, even though it was in the video of FUNimatio’s panel. Who cares, it’s not like I get paid for this.

Casshern Sins is about a android sent to assassinate Luna, a girl that the humans summoned. He kills her, but then the shit hits the fan. Things go crazy, and he gets knocked out for a couple centuries. Now, he finally reawakens, no memories, and everyone hates him. Can he fix things? You will have to watch to find out.

Set for an early 2010 release, expect 2 12 episode parts to be released by FUNi.

Kinda excited about this, it does seem interesting. Plus, Capcom seemed to like it enough to make Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and include Casshern as a character.

Well, I think this is probably gonna be the last Otakon 2009 post, but, who knows, I may discover something interesting from it on youtube.

Part Of FUNimation Otakon Panel

Not the most exciting video, but, who cares.

Eden Of The East Licensed For US Release


Eden Of The East (Higashi no Eden) was a great anime. I may not have finished it, but that doesn’t matter since it will be coming to the US next year. FUNimation announced at the Otakon panel that they had the rights to the anime and plan on releasing it in 2010. Though, there is a possibility the opening song, Falling Down by Oasis, may not be in it since we tend to have problems getting music from the UK allowed in anime.

I really didn’t understand quite what was going on in Eden of The East, so my story is going to make little to no sense. This guy, who is first seen naked running in the streets with a gun is a secret agent, I think. And he meets this girl who likes him for some reason, I think. He is supposed to save Japan from tearing itself apart form the inside. This is all happening while Japan sometimes gets shot with a missile for seemingly no reason.

That’s what I got from the first couple of episodes. I will probably just wait till FUNi releases them on DVD or hopefully Blu-Ray to finish them.