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Detective Conan: Countdown To Heaven English Trailer

Also known as Case Closed.

This is a great series that deserves more attention than it gets. I highly recommend it to everyone.


Casshern Sins Also Licensed By FUNimation

CasshernSinsI missed this announcement, even though it was in the video of FUNimatio’s panel. Who cares, it’s not like I get paid for this.

Casshern Sins is about a android sent to assassinate Luna, a girl that the humans summoned. He kills her, but then the shit hits the fan. Things go crazy, and he gets knocked out for a couple centuries. Now, he finally reawakens, no memories, and everyone hates him. Can he fix things? You will have to watch to find out.

Set for an early 2010 release, expect 2 12 episode parts to be released by FUNi.

Kinda excited about this, it does seem interesting. Plus, Capcom seemed to like it enough to make Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and include Casshern as a character.

Well, I think this is probably gonna be the last Otakon 2009 post, but, who knows, I may discover something interesting from it on youtube.

Part Of FUNimation Otakon Panel

Not the most exciting video, but, who cares.

4 Detective Conan Films Licensed By FUNimation

detective conan case closedFUNimation has licensed even more anime now. This time it is 4 more Detective Conan (Case Closed) movies.

Detective Conan: The Last Magician of the Century, Detective Conan: Captured In Her Eyes, Detective Conan: Count Down to Heaven, and Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street are all set to start releasing on DVD this Winter. So, not to much longer.

I remember watching this back when I was 12, those nights were awesome. Then, of course Adult Swim is like, “there aren’t enough viewers” and they take it off. Never understood why people watch Assy McGee instead of the good stuff, but I guess we can’t stop them.

FUNimation has also released the first 5 seasons in boxsets. Yo ucan buy them from RightStuf here and Amazon here.


MELL To Sing At Otakon This Year

mellMell, one of the longest singer’s from I’ve Sound, will be singing at Otakon. Some of you may know her from her theme songs to Black Lagoon (Red Fraction) or Hayate no Gotoku (Proof).

One day, I will go to Otakon. They always get the cool guest and they have so many people. One day, it will be my turn.

Black Lagoon Season 1 Set $29.99 –       Hayate The Combat Butler Part 1 $29.99

Mell’s Myspace for all you stalkers