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Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Season To Be Streamed On Crunchyroll

hayateNow everyone who has already saw the first one has no reason for fansubs. Though, I have to wait till later anyways since I am waiting for Bandai to release the first season.

The first episode is up now and the second will be added later. This is thanks to TV Tokyo’s kindness too allow it to be streamed with English Subs in the US, so support them and we may one day see an increase in simulcast releases in the US and Europe.

For more information, go here.

Haha, I guess We Are just Too Fast After All

code292qx10I may seem like a bad person at times, but I truly am not. I just think about myself and the ones I care about before I think about people I dislike. Today, I even showed that with actions. It was pretty funny also.

We did some stuff for the presentation that I am part of in PLTW today. This should have been a day off for me, but since i am a nice person, I went anyways. I guess the field trip makes up for it though since I get out of school next week, and I possibly will only be in school for about 2 days. Though, this week will be slow because of that. 4 days of this week will feel like an eternity.

Since I have nothign else to do, I think I may just go and watch Code Geass R2 and Bleach, then I am off to bed. You can watch the first half of School Note Episode 1, a Death Note parody sub.