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Spice and Wolf II, Eden Of The East Movies, And Chobits Licensed By FUNimation

Well, not too long ago today, FUNi announced 3 more acquisitions. Spice and Wolf II, Eden of the East movies, and Chobits (rescue) were all licensed.

Currently, they are all set for release in 2011 on DVD and BluRay.

Damn, even  a year long wait for a rescued title? FUNi is seriously going to have to start speeding up since Sentai is so fast and is becoming more and more popular.



Eden of The East the Movie II: Paradise Lost Trailer Posted

The second movies trailer is now up after the movie being delayed to add in an extra 30 minutes of footage.

Here is the link to the trailer for all to watch it.

I know the first movie was a retelling of the series, but I am not sure if the second is a continuation of that or if it is a proper sequel. I guess we will find out soon enough though since the movie starts showing in Japanese theaters on March 13, 2010.

Bible Black May Get Live Action Movie… Yeah, This Can Only End Badly

No header image since there are mostly just NSFW things. But I did find a video in the comments section of Japanator. So here it is to get a quick summary of what to expect.

So yeah, according to Media Blaster man John Sirabella, the trailer will be posted sometime soon. If someone tells you to watch this, don’t it is not related to anything religious.


11eyes Getting An OVA

The adult game turned anime will be getting an OVA on BluRay and DVD this coming June 25th. But, it will be a different story than the anime that is currently airing.

Set to follow Yuka, Misuzu, Yukiko, Kukuri, and Shiori instead of Satsuke, it is unknown what the story will entail. Considering the focus will be on the female cast, I expect it to be perverted in some way I’m sure.

I will update if there is anymore information released.

If you would like to know what 11eyes is about, you can go to my earlier post here.


Eden Of The East’s Second Movie Delayed By 2 Months

The second movie has been delayed to March 2010 for production reasons. They are adding 30 minutes to it so the story is expanded allowing for better quality.

The first movie is still on track for this Saturday in Japan.

FUNimation will probably get these movies sometime next year since they announced that they had licensed the original anime back at Otakon this year.


Things That Made Me Go WTF: Mmmm, Sweet Lemonade!

I seriously don’t know WTF is going on, but the song is amazing for some reason.

Things That Made Me Go WTF: Trucker’s Delight

WARNING: This video is NSFW at all. If you happen to be at work when you watch this, get as many of your co-workers too watch it with you even though I told you it’s NSFW. Also, please be sure that you understand that any thing that happens to you for watching this video is your own responsibility since I will probably laugh at you if you happen to get in trouble for watching this.