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Working!! Opening In Mario Paint And Piano

Mario Paint Composer is one of the greatest programs released. The way people are able to re-create songs with some weird sounds and different pitches is amazing to me, and this is no exception.

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Winter Sonata Behind Schedule

winter-sonata-animationWell, Winter Sonata aired yesterday in Japan, and there were only 3 episode finished and ready to air at that time. I would say that is really far behind. Of course, they are expecting to have 5 now, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’m starting to wonder if they will just end up having to wait till later to show it, because this isn’t a good thing for them. Rushing through an anime causes some rather bad problems sometimes, just look at Akikan.

Though, they themselves say that it might be because they changed directors. They also say it won’t be delayed, meaning there is a good chance it will.


Nodame Cantabile Manga Coming To An End This October

nodameThe Nodame Cantabile manga is coming to an end now with an 8 and a half year run. That’s a pretty decent from for a non-shonen title too.

The final chapter is set to be released in vol. 20 of Kiss magazine this October 10th. I couldn’t find I reason, but I assume it is because Tomoko Ninomiya has grown tired of it and plans to start a new series. Or, he might be retiring all together soon.

Nodame Cantabile is about Noda Megumi (Nodame) and Chiaki Shinichi falling in love. Both are talented pianist, but both are different in life styles. Nodame tends to be a slob that eats too much, takes very little showers, and is highly disorganized. Chiaki on the other hand is a refined pianist from a musical family. They slowly start to grow to who they truly are and change over time. Without one another, neither would mature like they have.


Winter Sonata Preview Posted

top_imageYou may remember when I posted about Winter Sonata a while ago in my summer anime list. Well, it still hasn’t started, but a preview is up on the website for all too see. You can watch it here.

Looks good animation wise, story though is mostly unknown since I don’t understand Japanese enough for sentences that aren’t like buying a cheeseburger or small questions. Maybe one day I will see it an know for sure what it is.