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Oh Snap! Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Movie Teaser Posted!

pokemansThat sums up how i feel about this movie. Yeah, I never was a fan of the pokemon anime. I don’t even know why I finished the extremely long first series. But, that doesn’t matter, because even though I don’t want to see the movie, some one does. I will just stick with the games.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is a movie where a young… Screw it, if you don’t know the story of a pokemon movie already, you might as well just not watch TV at all, because apparently your mind isn’t able to figure out the pattern of them all. Boy catches animals in testicles, boy throws said testicles at other animals, said animals fight, take a dump during the mind numbingly boring dialog, repeat process again.

But, if you still care to see it, here you go.


Almost Daily WTF Of The Day Double Feature: Pika Hump And Nipple Opener

Double feature 2 times in a row? I think I am doing great now. Though, I really am doing this for the lack of anime news today.

That poor Pikachu, though, I guess he had it coming. Acting like a dirty whore in front of that dog looking for some booty.

Every time I think someone is about to do something smart, I see this. And people wonder why we are slowly killing ourselves…