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DSi Only Cartridges Incomming

nintendo_dsi_officialWell, this is just fantastic, I have to buy a 3rd DS if I want to play some game or possibly all games after a certain date. According to Nintendo, there will be DSi-only and DSi-Enhanced games.

Only is self explanatory and enhanced means it works on all DSs but will have the rest of the features on the DSi.

I originally wasn’t planning to buy a DSi since there is no GBA slot, but I guess I will have to deal with it until someone finds a way to run GBA roms on the DSi.

Nintendo is really trying to make me poor now.



WTF? Our School Is Out Of Money?

Wow, I knew our school was poor, but not this poor. I mean, seriously, how can you run out of money? They can’t afford to fix a gas leak at our school, which make me think that it may possibly be a bad idea to go to the lunch room if they have leaks in the newer building. This just goes to show you that the educational lottery can’t be helping us too much. THey probably won’t even be able to afford to pay the electric bill next.

As for the rest of the stuff in my boring life of boredom at school. I am currently in the process of getting Garry’s Mod 10 up and running at school. I need something to do since my teacher is a complete dumb ass. His stupidity even builds up to the point that it burst out into these nipple shaped things on his neck and forehead. They are nasty too look at but still fun to make fun of. Jay P. Thomas, if you for some reason read this, the current PLTW teacher, Christian Berg, isn’t exactly the best guy for this job. By that I mean, he is horrible. He knows nothing about the programs we will be using, or even how to use powerpoint. So, please, get a new teacher soon.

Also, all people in the eastern part of North Carolina who play games a lot, go here and order tickets to the Carolina Game Summit. It is next week, so hurry before they all sell out. I will be in the Starcraft, Halo FFA, and GH World Tour Guitar tournaments under Kamanashi. If you do go, make sure ot let me win so you can become immortalized on the internet by having me post your name on the blog. (Note: this won’t really get you anything and i iwll probably forget about doing that anyways.)

Now for the AMV I normally post sometime in the day.