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3DS Impressions Video

So recently (meaning today we got to try out the 3DS at the Best Buy at the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. I can officially say without a doubt that it is pretty awesome. The 3d work quite well, the buttons feel sturdy, the build quality is high and the screen is very nice looking.  Just hit the link for the full preview. Continue reading


Next Studio Ghibli FIlm To Be Announced December 16

Well, that about it really. They announced it on a radio show in Japan. Miyazaki is also producing a TV commercial for it I think.

Currently, this un-announced movie is set for a 2010 release in Japan, so I would expect a 2011 release in US theaters.

For more information, go here. There is a link to the radio show recording on that site as well.

Ponyo Coming To BluRay In US On March 2, 2010

ponyo~0I’m guessing this is Disney’s attempt to keep anime fans from importing the Japanese BluRay release. But they might fail if this goes without a Japanese dub version.

There are 2 versions set for release next March, a 2 disc DVD set with Ponyo plush, and a BluRay set without the plush. Kind of a rip off since the BluRay one cost more so it should include more, but oh well. It’s Disney, they only listen to 3 year olds when they make decisions.


Ponyo US DVD Release Is Coming March 2010

ponyo~0Well, those who were hoping to watch the movie legally again this year are out of luck. Disney has once again found a way to rip you off, because they love to do that for some reason.

According to  The Ghibli Blog, Frank Marshall has said that the DVD is set to be released in March 2010. Of course, if you are resourceful and know where to look, you can always import the Japanese Blu-Ray version which has English subs and possibly an English dub. THat is set for relase this December if I remember correctly.

Since I  don’t really want to support Disney, I might just end up importing it.


Winter Sonata Behind Schedule

winter-sonata-animationWell, Winter Sonata aired yesterday in Japan, and there were only 3 episode finished and ready to air at that time. I would say that is really far behind. Of course, they are expecting to have 5 now, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’m starting to wonder if they will just end up having to wait till later to show it, because this isn’t a good thing for them. Rushing through an anime causes some rather bad problems sometimes, just look at Akikan.

Though, they themselves say that it might be because they changed directors. They also say it won’t be delayed, meaning there is a good chance it will.


I’m On A Boat!

This is simply awesome. I never really liked the song a whole lot, but I still like watching what people put the song too.

Thanks go to Japanator for the find

Winter Sonata Preview Posted

top_imageYou may remember when I posted about Winter Sonata a while ago in my summer anime list. Well, it still hasn’t started, but a preview is up on the website for all too see. You can watch it here.

Looks good animation wise, story though is mostly unknown since I don’t understand Japanese enough for sentences that aren’t like buying a cheeseburger or small questions. Maybe one day I will see it an know for sure what it is.