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Yen Plus To Go Out Of Print

But it will be online for free. They have just decided to go to an ad based service online to cut down on cost and to make the kids that refuse to buy anything happy. They be publishing the individual manga volumes though, so don’t worry, they aren’t taking everything off the shelves.

As for people that subscribed, you will get your money back. So everyone is happy in a way. I myself am saddened to see another manga anthology magazine going out. But I guess as long as the company stays, it will be fine.


Freak Out Fridays: Keyboard Smashing!

This time we have Angry German Kid played to some anime OPs and EDs. Seems to be a perfect fit to me.

Hit the link for the rest. Continue reading

ahamony desu AMV

K-On! And Haruhi-Chan Manga Licensed Along With Bungaku Shoujo Novel

Yen Press has announced today that it has acquired K-On!, the Haruhi-Chan manga, and the first light novel of Bungaku Shoujo. All I can say is that I am excited about all 3.

I myself normally only get certain manga since I am typically turned off by the chaotic mess that is an action scene in manga, but being able to get K-on! and Haruhi-chan is great. Bungaku Shoujo is another thing I am looking forward too since it is a light novel. Light novels tend to hold my interest more than manga since they take longer to complete and I can picture it in my mind the way I want to see.

Currently Bungaku Shoujo is set for July, Haruhi-Chan is set for October, and K-On! is set for November.


Bungaku Shoujo Trailer Posted

bungaku shoujoBungaku Shoujo is another one of the movies coming from Production I.G, so I have high hopes for this. It is based off the light novel of the same name.

Go here and click flash to watch the trailer.

The story revolves around a girl, Konoha Inoue, who is the president of the literary club. But, she her self is not human, but rather a creature that feeds on stories. She rips the pages out and eats them to gain knowledge of these stories.

Currently the movie is set for release durring Japan’s Golden Week next year.

Oblivion Island To Play In New York On October 30th

While I find it great that it’s showing in America some where, it could have been at least somewhere near my house. I really want to see this movie, and knowing that someone else in the US is seeing it before me makes the wait much harder.

If you happen to live New York City, and can make it to the Florence Gould Theater at 6:30 p.m. that night, go see it, come back here, and tell me how it was. Because I can’t go due to me not living in New York, or even close to New York either.

I think it is subbed since i haven’t heard anything about a dub of it yet, so you will probably be reading. I wouldn’t really care since i tend to watch a lot of my anime in Japanese with subs anyways, but, some people may whine because “reding is harrdd nd maks mi bran hert.” So don’t complain, go see the obviously amazing looking movie, and be happy you aren’t in my state where you can’t see it.

Shoujo Fight Getting OVA This October


Shoujo Fight is going to be getting a OVA this October 23rd for anyone who wants to see it.The announcement was made in the 6th volume of the manga.

The OVA is going to made by Production I.G. so we know the animation will be good.

Here is a scan of the announcement. And remember, click to enlarge.