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Final Fantasy XIII Unboxing

Here is an unboxing video for all the people that happen to read stuff I type.


Super Street Fighter 4 Juri Anime Trailer

Surprisingly, the Voice Acting sound pretty decent. A lot better than the SF2 TV anime.


I was looking for some where that had FLCL in the ultimate DVD collection just last week. While I am still disappointed that they haven’t announced any new anime, at least I can finally get FLCL at a decent price instead of the extremely high prices that “collectors” want you to pay.

Currently, it is set for release on DVD and BluRay later in 2010, so we still have a while to wait. Let’s just hope the wait is worth it.


Record Of Agarest War Coming Spring 2010 For PS3 And 360

yayoi_01Aksys games has announced a release window for Record of Agarest War, the SRPG/Dating sim game. But they have also announced it would be getting a disk based release for the 360 also. Spring 2010 is the expected release window.

Hmm… Can I wait till then, or should I just import the PS3 version from Europe? Such a hard decision since it is possible they might delay it again in the US.

I think I will probably just import it.


Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Announced

March 9th, 2009 will be the day millions of Otaku across the US and Europe come out to their local game store, go home, and not shower for days. Yes, Final Fantasy XIII will be released on that many citizens lose their jobs due to gaming.

Kurokami US Blu-Ray Release To Be English Dub Only

Konachan.com - 57077 kuro_(kurokami) kurokamiI am hoping the Blu-Ray listing is wrong since if the English Dub sucks, I don’t want that too be my only option. But if it is right, I will have to check out the English dub of it somewhere before then.

The reason I am kinda leaning towards it being wrong is because the DVD has Japanese dub with English subs to go along with the English dub. That right there doesn’t make much sense to me since it is the smaller format.

AS for prices, the DVD will be in 4 sets for $29.99 each, and the Blu-Ray release will be in 6 sets for $24.99 each. Since you can probably get the Blu-Ray releases for $20 from some places when it release, it ends up being about the same amount of money, so I see no problem with the price, just the contents.

Oh well, it’s Bandai’s choice if it’s true, I can’t stop them. Though, I don’t mind listeing to an English only dub as long as it’s not Burst Angel English dub bad.

Currently, the Blu-Ray and DVD releases are set for February of next year.


King of Fighters Live Action Trailer



Holy shit, what the hell was that?