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Asu No Yoichi, Eyeshield 21, And Hell Girl Season 2 licensed by Section23

Yesterday, Section23 announced 3 new licenses to come out under it’s Sentai Filmworks label. this time we will be getting Asu No Yoichi, Eyeshield 21, and Hell Girl season 2.

Currently, Asu No Yoichi Complete Collection is set for May 11, Eyeshield 21 Set 1 is set for May 18, and Hell Girl: Two Mirrors Part 1 is set for May 25.

I know I will pick up Asu no Yoichi and Hell Girl, not sure about Eyeshield 21 since I haven’t ever seen a football anime before  and was never a fan of football anyways. Let’s  just hope that since they got Hell Girl 2, they may get Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai.


Section 23 Gets Gintama, Living For The Day After Tomorrow, And Hidamari Sketch X 365

I never started watching Gintama on Crunchyroll, but I might as well pick up the DVDs when they are released. If you want a summary of Gintama, you can go to my earlier post here.

Hidamari Sketch X365 is a continuation of the first season and it takes place in Yuno’s second year of school.

Living For The Day After Tomorrow Shoko wanted to be older, and she gets that wish, but at the expense of Karada, Shoko’s brothers ex-girlfriend, losing year on her age. Now the 2 are the same age and must get along in Junior High. Can they make it threw together though.

All these will be coming out in April, with Hidamari Sketch X 365 Complete Collection being $39.98 Along with Living For The Day After Tomorrow being the same price. Gintama Collection 1 will also be the same price.


Gintama Movie Trailer 2 Posted

The new Gintama movie trailer was posted on the original site. Here be a link for all to watch it through.

For my original post about the trailer, go here, because I don’t feel like typing all the stuff out again when you can click once and find it.

Definitely looking good animation wise, but since i have yet to watch the original anime yet, I don’t know if i like the story. The anime is now on Crunchyroll.

Gintama Movie Trailer Streaming

gintama-wallpaper-bigGintama, the samurai anime about aliens enslaving samurai all over Japan when they invaded in the 1800s to create an alternate history that would create this show in order to allow people to watch it so they can have fun has had a movie trailer posted online all of a sudden to create another alternate path in history.

Here is the link to the movie trailer.

You can watch Gintama right now on Crunchyroll. Here is the link to the page for the show.

Sengoku Basara Goes To FUNimation

SengokuBasaraThis was the only new series announced at FUNimations Anime Expo panel. But, atleast we got something I guess.

Sengoku Basara is based on the game of the same name. Though, in the US, the game is called Devil Kings, so you may have already heard of the series without even realizing it.

No release date was announced, but I am expecting a spring 2010 release. As for what version they will use, I don’t know.  Animation wise, I think there are 3 versions, but I could be wrong.

Blade Of The Immortal Goes To Media Blasters

More anime has been licensed, and this time it wasn’t FUNimation. Blade Of The Immortal was licensed by Media Blasters’ Aniem Works section and is set to have the first colume come out September 29th, 2009.

This anime is about a samurai who has to kill 1000 evil men, or else he will stay immortal. He is forced to kill them because he himself kill the good earlier in his life, so he is set on a journey to repent his sins.

Sound interesting, so I will probably pick it up. Though, for people that hate subs, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if it is sub only. Though, their subs are typically pretty decent.


Death Bottle

1134241569_0314799572Ok, it may not cause that kind of death, but that bottle does smell pretty bad. Not just a little, I’m talking about like 40,000,000 turd filled baby diapers that have been puke on bad or Code B.K. Smell.

More than liekly it would cause death if sniffed for more than 3 seconds. If not death, one would go into a state of psychosis and attack those around him/her. Suicide would probably ensue afterwords to relieve oneself of the smell that stays within the nose for all eternity. There is no stopping this process once it begins, so I highly recomend you go no where near the room it is in.

As for the real day, I did nothing but take a 2 tests. Really exciting isn’t it? I guess not.

Oh,  I played Afro Samurai, which was better than I expected it to be. Blood, gore and cussing all in feudal Japan.

I will be off to take a shower and watch the last 3 episodes of Hell Girl now, I will not see most of you tomorrow in person, but I will through the internet.

You can watch this Witchblade AMV while I am away.