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My Thoughts On: Arakawa Under The Bridge

Pictures will be added later.

Arakawa Under The Bridge is this seasons weirdest show. Everyone on their is mentally disabled I think and the setting is under a bridge. But, it all works out and I found it to be quite funny, if not mostly because of the WTF factor of the show.

Right from the beginning, you meet the main character Kou Ichinomiya. His father taught him as a child to never be in debt to someone. Though, his methods were rather different. From the screwed up childhood, he learned how to live for himself. But soon, this fear of being in debt to someone has landed him as the lover of some weird girl who lives under a bridge. Nothing in this show has made sense so far, but that is why it is so great.

Throughout the first episode, I laughed my ass off at the randomness. The first scene has our main character wearing no pants because he was attacked by children. No explanation is given as to why they attacked him, it just happened.  Or the girl who swears she is from Venus. It all adds up be great.

Artwork is definitely something you would expect from Shaft. It’s kind of a mix of Maria Holic and Sayonara Zetsubous Sensei art wise. Not to fancy, but some unique choices for different designs. Though, you will notice some similar movements to Itoshiki from Zetsubou Sensei. But I don’t mind if it is kinda reused because they only use it for one time and it is used correctly.

The VAs do quite well, even though there were only 4 total in the first episode. When Kou is surprised, you can tell. And the relatively monotone sound of Nino shines through to give her that carefree feeling. There wasn’t much background music, not that it is needed since this is a show based around the weird characters instead of music. If you want a music anime, watch K-ON!! instead.

Overall, this is a pretty good show, and if you want something to truly start off the season, I recommend this. It is one of the better first epis this season too, which is a good thing.



Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei Coming To America!

Finally, someone is bringing this awesome series to the US. This May, Media Blasters will be releasing Vol. 1 in the US for $29.99. Of course, there is some other stuff too, but it isn’t important enough to  care about.

This show is a very funny show, plus it is weird, so it is almost perfect. The only problem is that sometimes it can be really hard to follow, but, I don’t mind.

I wonder though if they will be getting the other seasons.


Kuusou Rumba Parody “Kuusou Roomba”

Since I got home not too long ago, I didn’t post anything until now. But, I say this is worth it since it is rather awesome.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Third Season Coming In July

sayonara-zetsubou-sensei-01-large-14Having enjoyed the first 2 seasons a lot, this is great news. It was announced in the 21st issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine that it will start running on UHF television stations this July all throughout Japan.

Also, Hiroshi Kamiya is coming back to still be Nozumu Itoshiki, the teacher. I dont know about the rest of the class though.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has no true story, just some background information and then it is let loose to do whatever it wants. Nozumu is a teacher who really hates the world. Everything is bad to him, especially his name, which if written horrizontally, says Zetsubou or despair. Then, some crazy stuff goes down in his class, like an  illegal immigrant joins and this girl stalks him. Other than that, there is no real story liek I said.

Hopefully they can keep the funniness of the last 2 seasons in this one.


Being Lazy Is My Specialty

07282006And I’m proud of it. BUt nothing happened today because of it. Oh well, it was fun to hang out with Hillary though, even if she did make some retarded faces.

Nothing much happened in school, Berg wasn’t back, I sign up for classes tomorrow, and I finished my foam board sword.

I can’t really think of anything else other than maybe I might make an AMV for the Animazement convention in May. I may not be able to go, but I can still put an entry in. I just need an idea first.

Well, I’m going to watch an episode of Hell Girl then go to bed now. You can watch this Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei of Bouken Desho Desho.