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Seikon no Qwaser Teaser

THis has got to have one of the weirdest stories I have seen in a while. The students on in a school in Japan, they all have Russian names, and drink this woman’s breast milk in order to keep their magic powers. Yeah, I’m as lost as you are.

Tokyopop’s New Acquisitions Announced At NYAF ’09

3347059475_942571899fTokyopop announced quite a few new titles at NYAF this year. So, here is the list of all of them:

Song and Laughter By Natsuki Takaya

Ratman By Sekihiko Inui

.hack//Link By Megane Kikuya

Seikon no Qwaser By Hiroyuki Yoshino

Croquis By Hinako Takanaga

Blood Honey By Sakyō Yozakura

Love Knot By Lemon Ichijō

Cute Demon By Hiro Madarame

Love Story In The Isolated Island By DUO Brand

Currently, they are all set for a 2010 release, so there is still a while off before these hit US shores officially. Though, long waits should be nothing for anyone who is a fan of Haruhi.