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Touhou x To Love-Ru Opening

To celebrate To Love-Ru’s US release that is coming next week, here is another Touhou video that parodies the To Love-Ru opening.

Tewi Inaba, the Earth Rabbit!

Neko Miko Reimu

Things That Made Me Go WTF: Mmmm, Sweet Lemonade!

I seriously don’t know WTF is going on, but the song is amazing for some reason.

Zelda II Rap

These guys are amazing, can’t wait for them to finish the Earthbound one.

Bakemonogatari – Clash AMV

Looks best when watched in HD.

Susan Boyle + Anime = WTF?

Since I haven’t found a WTF online in a while, here is one for you. Eagle Talon, a comedy anime coming out in Japan this January, will be using the above song by Susan Boyle in it…

Yeah, I can’t describer the serious WTFness going on in Japan right now. Many thingĀ  they have done have confused me, but this is more like, a complete nipple twister done with greasy pizza slices.

People think her voices is great, but I am kinda annoyed by it. It just wasn’t good to me. Reminded me of the lion from the Wizard of Oz.

Oh well, Japan may love to confuse people, but their confusing ideas are what normally entertain me.