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Excitement Is Coming!

But one does simply siege tank the hell out of the enemy base in Starcraft.

It’s been 237 days since I last did a post like this. I think I will start doing a daily update again since it was one thing I enjoyed doing a lot and can’t quite remember why  I stopped.

Today was, rather uneventful. Lost ended up coming on later thanks to shitsketball, but the fact that the beta forums for Starcraft 2 came up on Battle.net made up for that. I can feel the anticipation coming every day now. They might as well just release it already since I doubt there is much else they can change in 12 days. But, even if it doesn’t come out tomorrow, I still have ot level back up to 70 on Modern Warfare 2 and finished all the anime I bought.

Regarding the anime, I have Baccano, Slayers 1-3, Ai Yori Aoshi, and all the shows  I watch on Crunchyroll that I got behind on. Oh yeah, I still need to watch FMA: Brotherhood. So yeah, I still have plenty to do while I wait for the  beta. You know what, instead of typing more of this post, I think I will go watch some anime right now. It’s only 10:30PM so I still have sometime left before I become to tired to stay awake any more.

I guess this is bye for now then.


4Kids Loses $5 Million In Third Quarter

d6179dd31f2da0_fullYeah, 4Kids really did this ^

4Kids, the worst anime company in the US ever, has finally got what was coming to them. They have lost $5 Million in just 3 months, which is because they suck hair donkey balls when it comes to releasing anime in the way it is supposed to be released. BUt my complaining before didn’t make them learn, and they are coming ever so closer to the expected shut down this year.

But how do they lose that much money? Videos games and older anime watchers is how. Video games distract kids in the mornings, older anime watchers watch shows that are good, so without the 2 main people that would possibly watch their shows they license, they lose.

All I know is that this is a great step forward, FUNimation is making more money, 4Kids is losing money. Can they fix this? I don’t know. But I still would like for the people that work for them to be able to find another job somewhere, we are already having enough unemployed people.


Oh Snap! Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Movie Teaser Posted!

pokemansThat sums up how i feel about this movie. Yeah, I never was a fan of the pokemon anime. I don’t even know why I finished the extremely long first series. But, that doesn’t matter, because even though I don’t want to see the movie, some one does. I will just stick with the games.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is a movie where a young… Screw it, if you don’t know the story of a pokemon movie already, you might as well just not watch TV at all, because apparently your mind isn’t able to figure out the pattern of them all. Boy catches animals in testicles, boy throws said testicles at other animals, said animals fight, take a dump during the mind numbingly boring dialog, repeat process again.

But, if you still care to see it, here you go.

Last Snack Before I Start School Again

fridgeI think I will eat all the food in the fridge tonight… Or I will just have a bowl of  instant ramen or cereal.

Yeah, it’s finally here, the last night of summer vacation. no more sleeping till 1PM, staying up till 3AM, or using the bathroom anytime I want. Back to the same stuff everyday for 180 days total.

Today has been slow. My neck hurts still from Crüe Fest 2 yesterday, and i still haven’t reached level 50 in Shadow Complex. It’s the last achievement I need for that game. Not only that, but Metroid Prime Trilogy wasn’t in GameStop today, so I have to wait till tomorrow. Oh well, I can’t do anything now.

I guess I will go watch Full Metal Panic! now. I may have seen it quite a few time now, but it still is really good too me.

4Kids Attempt To Make Yu-Gi-Oh! Better

Weel, 1 day after me saying 4Kids making Yu-Gi-Oh! worse than it already was, they attempt at making it slightly more bearable. NOt only do they remove their stupid ass censors, they do English subs. After the video, I will post my attempt to finish this episode.

OK, never mind. It was too horrible for me to finish. 10 minutes in, I was still bored to death and wanting to kill Yugi and his friends.

Oh well, at least they attempted. It was better than the original American version, but not enough for me to finish.

Live Action Death Note Movie Incoming From Warner Brothers

deathnote_anime1Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to make a live-action Death Note movie.Charley and Vlas Parlapanides (they did War Of The Gods) were hired to be the screenwriter, and of course, I have never heard of either of them.

AS of noe, I am a little afraid of what Hollywood might do to one of my favorites, but I guess it could end up being good if they actually try.

The story is set to span the first 3 volumes of the manga, so it is a high possibility we may see a sequel to the american live-action Death Note. Though, it would probably have a sequel even if it went to the end of the series in the first movie because of all the emo kids that love it a little more than they should. Kinda like how Twilight wasn’t the greatest movie and it only did well because of all the emo kids.


More Work?

pink_laptopWhy do they continue giving us work? I mean, really, we have the graduation project, 4 classes a semester, and life. But they still expect us to become zombies. I will have to Bullshit half my essay just because my fat ass teacher believes that just because we are honors, she can increase a state mandated requirement to her liking. 8 pages is kind of hard to do when you can barely find anything that they would allow since most of my sources are blocked at school. Anytime you can’t even do research at school, you know there is something wrong. But, I don’t care. I have 1 more year after this, then I am off to college so I can finally get something worthwhile done.

Berg was still not here, which wasn’t surprising. Hopefully he is gone for even longer, that would make me happy and increase my chances of getting a new teacher. Terry Cline probably wouldn’t like the amounts of money going to this program so a fat ass teacher can stay off from work.

Tomorrow I probably won’t post since I will be up in Jacksonville after school. But, I’m sure not many of you guys care to much. This site may be something I enjoy, and it is essentially like my journal too, but, sometimes I feel as if I am making it easier for the gov’t to get me and use my magical powers of the shinobi to win wars. But, they will never catch me since i am a ninja. Haha, take that congress.

Once again, I “predicted” the future fir someone. Not really, but he believes so. I guess my powers of observation go unnoticed, so people think I can see the future.

Time for me to go now so I can watch anime and play Guitar Hero or Devil May Cry 4. Here is something for you to watch until I get back on.