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Trigun Being Re-Released This Fall on BluRay and DVD By FUNimation

This is the first “new” anime for FUNimation announced at Katsucon this weekend. Vash The Stampede is already returning for a movie in Japan, so maybe this move is a hint that maybe FUNimation has interest in acquiring the rights for that movie.

Currently, the DVD version is set for Fall of this year, but no word on whether that means the BluRay version comes out at the same time. I guess we will find out soon when thye send out the information to retailers for pre-orders.


Trigun: Badlands Rumble Teaser Posted

If you want to see the teaser trailer, click this link. It uses .asx streaming stuff, so make sure you have the right program.

Vash the Stampede is back to kick ass and show off his super sweet dance moves once again. 12 years after the original first aired, the movie will come out in Japanese theaters to fully blow shit up again in the town of Makka, which is surrounded by quick sand. Gasback, a notorious robber is rumored to be the one causing all the trouble, so Vash and some other bounty hunters decided they will fix things up. But of course, only if they get something in return.

The movie is set for an April 24 release in Japan, which is 20 days after the 12th birthday of the anime.


haruhi2No post until now because I was at the beach all day. To tired to really type a whole lot, so I will just say I had fun and move onto something else.

I got the DVDs I ordered today. Vols. 1 -4 of Air with the Art Box, and Vols. 1-6 of Pani Poni Dash! With Art box. When I got home, I basically just watched Air and got online. I didn’t sleep very much last night since I had to wake up rather early today (10:00 AM). BUt, this should help me fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier so I actually spend more time doing things.

Well, I am going to start Air Vol. 2 now, I will be back tomorrow.