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Working!! Opening In Mario Paint And Piano

Mario Paint Composer is one of the greatest programs released. The way people are able to re-create songs with some weird sounds and different pitches is amazing to me, and this is no exception.

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Otaku Gamer Series 1 – Episode 3: Star Fox SNES – Space Armada

This level has got to be the worst so far in my opinion. almost nothing happens, and flying through the ships ws made even worse by the fact that I could barely see the things jutting out from the wall. Not that I find this game all that enjoyable in the first place, but it still makes it worse.

Otaku Gamer Series 1 – Episode 2: Star Fox SNES – Asteroid (Option 1)

Episode 2 is up where I play the default asteroid level. This one was easier until the boss that threw me a surprise that nearly made me lose. You will need to watch the video to find out what.

Otaku Gamer Series 1 – Episode 1: Star Fox SNES – Corneria

A new series I will be doing on Youtube. Commentary should be on Series 2 with a a game I have yet to decide on.

Star Fox 64 is what introduced me to the Star Fox series, so having not ever played the SNES one, I decided I would record videos of my first ever play through.

Things That Made Me Go WTF: Trucker’s Delight

WARNING: This video is NSFW at all. If you happen to be at work when you watch this, get as many of your co-workers too watch it with you even though I told you it’s NSFW. Also, please be sure that you understand that any thing that happens to you for watching this video is your own responsibility since I will probably laugh at you if you happen to get in trouble for watching this.

Super Metroid 12 Minute TAS

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Earthbound TAS Run In 1 Hour And 10 Minutes

box_128241This person is amazing. Even though it is tool assisted, the fact he beat the game in just over an hour is awesome.

Using many legitimate glitches and not a single action replay or game genie code, speedrunner pirohiko, beat the game. This is, as far as I know, the shortest TAS run ever for Earthbound.

I know that I will never be able to achieve this, since it takes me around 10 hours to beat it, but I can hope. I went from 3 hours to 1 hour and 20 minutes on Super Metroid, so I should be able to lower my Earthbound time.

I definitely know I won’t lower my Mother 3 time of 20 hours, so I won’t worry about that one.