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Canaan BluRay May Not Ship On Time (But Only If You Didn’t Order From RightStuf)

So, as you may have read from the title of this post which comes 2 months after my last post, it seems that the BluRay version of Canaan is only shipping if you ordered it from RightStuf. Amazon has stated that they didn’t receive any copies and are put on a 2 month backorder until further notice. Many other people in this thread on ANN are stating they had the same or similar happen to them with other stores.

Just getting a warning out for those who happened to be waiting for a shipping confirmation from Amazon and didn’t receive one. I myself hit them up wit ha question and got an answer back quickly, so that’s how I know about the backorder. Just gonna cancel my Amazon order, pay the extra $6, and wait a a couple extra days I suppose to get it from RightStuf since at least they should ship it out accordingly.

Also, to those who are all “LOL, YOU MAD? I HAZ MUH COPY ON DUH DVD!” Fuck you and your toilet. Ok, not really, but I am still mad.


FUNimation Gets The Sacred Blacksmith And Hetalia

FUNimation has announced some more anime, this time it’s The Sacred Blacksmith and Hetalia.

Currently they are both set for a Fall 2010 release in the US with Hetalia coming in 2 parts.

The Sacred Blacksmith centers around a girl named Cecil who joins  the Knight Guard to fight the monsters that plague the city. But she also has the Sacred blacksmith on her side to make the swords for her to use.

Hetalia is an anime of the stereotypical personifications of many nations and it is pretty funny. I only have seen 3 episodes, but I know I will be buying this when it comes out.

The Borrowers To Be Ghibli’s Next Movie

The next Ghibli film was announced and it will be based on the 57 year old novel of the same name by Mary Norton. It will follow 14-year-old Arriety and her family who are literally little people. The measure about 4 inches tall and live under the floor boards in people’s houses.

I don’t think I can remember a Ghibli movie that has been bad, so I am looking forward to this one. It comes out in Japan this coming summer, but we have a Ghibli film coming out in the US around the same time. Tales from Earthsea will be fitting on July 30, 2010. It too looks to be a great movie.

Link to official site


Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Trailer

Hetalia Getting 3rd Season


Why yes good sir, that is exactly what my title says. And i hope you enjoy it since it is quite a funny web-anime that is really short and should really be in it’s 5th season by now considering how short said episodes are.

The anime is about 20 countries being personified and showing how stupid they truly are. It makes fun of each country from Japan, and Korea, to France and Italy.

I have only seen 1 episode of the first season though, so I really don’t know if it is as funny as I said earlier. That was just a line to bait you into reading the rest of this post.

Expect the anime to come online in 2010.


Next Studio Ghibli FIlm To Be Announced December 16

Well, that about it really. They announced it on a radio show in Japan. Miyazaki is also producing a TV commercial for it I think.

Currently, this un-announced movie is set for a 2010 release in Japan, so I would expect a 2011 release in US theaters.

For more information, go here. There is a link to the radio show recording on that site as well.

Reddish AMV

Maybe I should watch the rest of CANAAN. It looks pretty awesome.