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Shiki, The Vampires Are Cool Again Anime, Promo Up Now

Shiki, the anime that is making vampires cool again for me, has had it’s promo posted. Here be the link to it.

Shiki is about a village of roughly 1,300. Slowly, the people start to die off, and they eventually find out there is a vampire attack going on. That right there already makes it better than the other vampire shit the US has been releasing (Twilight). But what do I think based on the promo? well, there wasn’t really a whole lot to it. I know the art isn’t that bad, and there are some people that like to talk all at the same time, but that is about all I know from it.

Shiki is slated to start airing July 8th in Japan. ALso, it will probably be acquired by FUNimation based on the track record of Fuji TV anime.


Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Twilight Fangirls Are Almost As Bad As Yaoi Fangirls

If only some of the people on Nico knew about this. The noises she makes would be gold mines for Sand Canyon or Barusa of Mikos video.

Stroud Erik no Taikutsu


Another day gone by, but still months left before the last Pendragon book, and first Haruhi Light Novel come out. Right now, I am reading New Moon, so at least i have something to entertain me while I wait for the Lucky Star Vol. 5 DVD to arrive at my house.

That reminds me. According to Bandai, Lucky Star Vol. 6 LE has been indefinitely delayed. The normal edition is still coming out on time, but this is bad. I either wait and see if the LE will eventually come out, or I just buy the normal one and not have a perfect collection of LE for Lucky Star like I do for Haruhi and will for Code Geass.  Though, I guess as long as it still comes out, I will be fine. But I am still dissapointed since they finally made the shirts small enough for me. XL fine and all, but a little big for my hoodies. Vol. 4 was when they finally pu in a Large shirt instead.

Here is a cool Vampire Knight AMV for everyone too watch. This is one of the anime that I really hope gets a US release soon. We have the manga, but that isn’t enough to satisfy me.