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FUNimation Gets The Sacred Blacksmith And Hetalia

FUNimation has announced some more anime, this time it’s The Sacred Blacksmith and Hetalia.

Currently they are both set for a Fall 2010 release in the US with Hetalia coming in 2 parts.

The Sacred Blacksmith centers around a girl named Cecil who joins  the Knight Guard to fight the monsters that plague the city. But she also has the Sacred blacksmith on her side to make the swords for her to use.

Hetalia is an anime of the stereotypical personifications of many nations and it is pretty funny. I only have seen 3 episodes, but I know I will be buying this when it comes out.

The Sacred Blacksmith Promo 2 Posted

The last one looked good, this one looks awesome. At least I have something to look forward too.

Soul Eater

This Sunday I started watching Soul Eater. Its an anime about this school, Shibusen, in the Death City. The school is ran by the shinigami death… Continue reading

The Sacred Blacksmith Trailer Posted

Looks alright. Hopefully it isn’t another, hear about monster, travel, kill monster anime. They are good sometimes, but to many get’s annoying.

Man Stabbed Over Farting… What Is Happening To The World?

the-fart-attackHave you ever let one rip that was so stinky, people wanted to stab you? If not, now you can read about what it’s like. A 35-yearold man and 5 friends were eating in a Waco motel room for some reason, but then all hell breaks loose. The 35-yearold has ultra gas problems and lets them out one after the other, making the whole room a biohazard.

Now, does that sound all that bad? No, but one of the men thinks it warrents nearly killing the man. First, he throws the knife at the farter, than commnences to stab him in the chest. Anger management probably would have helped this guy a bit.

Luckily, no one had any life threatening injuries, but we now know that if 5 guys are in a motel room for no reason eating, one will be stabbed.