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Working!! Opening In Mario Paint And Piano

Mario Paint Composer is one of the greatest programs released. The way people are able to re-create songs with some weird sounds and different pitches is amazing to me, and this is no exception.

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This is the first time microsoft has actually said what everyone is truly thinking! (Click picture to enlarge)


17_anime_tenchouTHOSE RETARDS WITH THE VIRUS SCREWED EVERYTHING UP! Now I can’t even use my flash drive at school unless I call a teacher over. Though, it’s John Gallog’s fault too since he is the one that came up with the retarded rule. Really, WTF? What difference does it make if the drive is in for 1 minute compared to an hour? None, he just is too lazy to do his job.

I think he was supposed to put antivirus stuff on the computers, but instead he came up with this rule so he could be lazy. Obviously he needs a girl friends or something, since he has no life. If you saw this guy, you would probably laugh. When I saw him the first time, I had to turn away because he looks like a complete retard. Balding in the front and a long braided pony tail in the back.

The best part of all this is that he is threatening federal charges if he catches us with our flash drives in. How stupid can you be? He swears he is able to see what we are doing when he isn’t there, which was a lie. I know more about what is on those computers than he does, and if he really could see what we were doing, he would have caught the virus retards long before me and invader56 found out.

It’s sad when you are paid to do this stuff, but a pair of teenagers who do it for free figure it out before you. All I know is that he may think he can stop me, then he will be in for a surprise. Being smart has plenty of benefits, and one of them is making stupid people seem even more stupid.

Oh well, he wants to start a war with my class, go ahead. You can’t enforce rules on people that aren’t going to follow them.

I guess that was the most exciting thing for today. Good night my loyal readers. You can watch this.

No Real News Today…

haruka-bored-on-a-day-offWell, no real anime or game news today.

I did get to play RE5 some more and Hillary came over, which ended up being quite entertaining. Especially toward the end when we scared some one. I doubt they will do that again.

I installed the newer version of Windows 7 yesterday, and it is even better. Each release seems to get faster, which is defitely a good sign for the future.

Well, there wasn’t whole lot else to talk about. So, I will leave you with a Chaos;Head AMV.

Finally, I Can Sleep Normally Again

11042007I may still have a stuffy nose, but, my head doesn’t feel as heavy and bloated as it has been. So hopefully, I can sleep better than I have been.

Nothing much happened today other than me watching 5 Centimeters Per Second and playing Lost Planet. Oh yeah, I also pplayed the Halo Wars demo finally, and i have to say, it is pretty awesome. Everything is simple and works, plus the cutscenes are really well done. Can’t wait to get it later this week, though, I will probably beat it in about 2 days.

I even got a new bed memory foam thing. It is like sleep on a bunch of pillows and feels amazing. Why didn’t I ever get one before? I don’t know, but who cares why, I have one now.

I almost got Starcraft to work on the PS3 today, but, for some reason the graphics for Starcraft wouldn’t show up. But I did get Windows 95 loaded. I really wasn’t worth the effort though since I couldn’t achieve my goal. I think I will stick to a real Windows pc for that and use Linux for random things and showing off.

Well, I am going to do something else now, so you need to leave me alone for now.

Windows 7 Is Amazing

I just installed it and have to say that I truly am happy now. It runs fast, no problem, and my drivers and games work with it. Hopefully no more crashing either. If it does crash again though, I think it is because of my power supply or RAM, which I plan on getting a new PSU and 4Gb of RAM soon.