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Spice and Wolf II, Eden Of The East Movies, And Chobits Licensed By FUNimation

Well, not too long ago today, FUNi announced 3 more acquisitions. Spice and Wolf II, Eden of the East movies, and Chobits (rescue) were all licensed.

Currently, they are all set for release in 2011 on DVD and BluRay.

Damn, evenĀ  a year long wait for a rescued title? FUNi is seriously going to have to start speeding up since Sentai is so fast and is becoming more and more popular.



Spice And Wolf II Trailer

July 8th is when the second season will start. Late 2009/early 2010 is when the first season comes out on DVD in the US.

Spice And Wolf Acquired By FUNimation

spicywolfIT has finally happened. Spice And Wolf will finally be coming to the US sometime near the end of the year or early next year.

Even with such a long time till release, it is nice to know it will finally be coming so I can watch past the first episode. I enjoyed that one episode so I know that I will more than likely enjoy the rest.

This was announced at Anime Boston along with a couple other things regarding already acquired anime.

Also, FUNi said they were basically uneffected by the economic downturn and are still; going strong. This is a good sign for FUNi since they release of of the anime in the US now.