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Christopher Handley Gets 6 Months For Obscene Manga, But…

He will have 3 years of supervised release and 5 years probation after that. Also, lets not forget that they are going to be doing regular psychological test to diagnose his supposed mental disorder, and his supposed sexual and gender identity disorders. Seems like the judge is a fuck-ass to me.

Seriously, the US court system much be filled with a bunch of mentally retarded fish things. They should just let him go since he committed no real crime, plus, why try to treat a mental disorder that doesn’t even exist in him. I think this is just some politicians things against Japan, because most of them are more than likely racist considering they are all 60+ of age. I wonder if the Government thinks I have a mental disorder because I watch such things as Chu-Bra!! or Kodomo no Jikan.

Oh well, at least it isn’t the 15 years the ass holes wanted to give him originally. But I still believe he had an unfair trial considering that everything is obscene to someone and he had no real child porn. Plus, the  court was never even able to prove the characters from said manga were even underage. Not only that, but the mail person went through his mail without a court order, so the trial should have been nullified from the start.


American Idol Had An “Anime Freak” On It This Year

Before you watch this, please note that she has probably only seen Naruto (you can base this on the fact she was wearing a hand made Naruto jacket), believes that the Japanese wear kimonos all the time (she obviously carries hers around everywhere, which is a sign), refuses to eat with a fork (just look at her, she might stab herself because she is such a spaz), and has no friends other than her other Narutard friends.

Also, I am nothing like  this supposed fan as I actually enjoy many genres of anime, watch other American TV  shows, use a fork 99% of the time, and get most of my clothes from Aeropostale and Old Navy. I am not the stereotypical anime fan that the media makes us out to be. Most anime fans don’t dress in the all black with chains or the “Japanese” clothing she was wearing.

Sometimes, You Just Have Problems. Other Times, You Are just F*cking Crazy.

Found that on Japanator. It’s doesn’t get real creepy though until about half way. Koto Hikaru may need some sort of psychiatric help I think.

Things That Made Me Go WTF: This Guy Was Already Insane Before This

He couldn’t even sing a good song, such as ANdrew W.K.’s It’s Time To Party.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with him? First Sonichu now this… I have given up all hope for humanity. I welcome 2012 now.

10 Reasons Why Anime Is Better Than Amercian TV Part 2

As a continuation to yesterday’s list, here are the last five reasons.

5. Panties – What guy doesn’t like staring up a girls skirt? Well, what if I told you there was a way to look up a girls skirt, and have her hit some one else for it every time? Yeah, anime has that, all be it that they girls aren’t really, but obviously if you strive too look up a girl’s skirt, you won’t be coming near any real girls anyways. The best part is that it is completely legal sexual harassment, so by watching anime, sexual harassers will be less likely to leave their houses, and any futures daughters that I might possibly have will be safe when they go to school.

4. Anime schools – This one is obvious why, but for the uninitiated into the life of Otakuism, I will explain. Schools in anime and bad ass schools where the teachers come to school drunk, get in to gun fights, are leaders of the Yakuza, and are just all around whores from space. I bet you don’t see shit like that in American TV do you? Of course not, but I’m sure you don’t really want to see an alien teacher dating her student, but it happens none the less. Also, some anime even has a 9 year old girl harassing her teacher because she is overly knowledgeable about sex for some unknown reason that is never explained.

3. Harems – Harems are the dreams of many men. all the women are after you competing for your affection even though you have nothing really hat special about you other than the fact that you help said girls out one time back when you were like 5 years old. Whats wrong with that, I mean, yeah, you see it in most if not all romance anime. But that is what is so awesome about the nearly overused yet endlessly entertaining genre of anime. You can see what will happen if you put a bunch of girls together that all have a common goal with one of them being a psychotic bitch that tried to stab your eye out with a box cutter when you were young. Damn, that would be the life? No you say, well that’s just because you don’t have enough testosterone in your system obviously. Hell, even lesbians will like that, which is related to my next reason.

2. Yuri – Chicks making out with each other in class? Check. Said chicks living in the same dorm at a boarding school? Check. Everything set up for some hot lesbian action that you never actually see but is implied by ways of blushing at each other in the halls of said school? Check. Yes, the yuri genre of anime is truly a work of art as it shows that everywhere you go, there is a whole school of secret lesbians and they all want to hide their feelings for the student council president. This could also be interchanged with yaoi too, but since I am not a little girl around the age of 10 who fantasizes about Naruto and Sasuke kissing and having surprise buttsecks, I won’t put that as a reason totally.

And the number 1 reason is…

1. It’s Japanese – and when has Japan ever made anything bad?

Ok, that reason sucks because Japan makes some pretty freaky shit. Most of which I don’t really care too see. Maybe that’s why so much anime lately has been related to European stuff. Hmm…

This article was a list made to poke fun at anime and it’s fan by an anime fan. All the stuff regarding what is in anime is true, but thats why it is awesome. It’s different, and has a lot of learning value for close minded people. Also, if you yourself can’t make fun of your own hobby, you aren’t a true fan. So please don’t take this as some anti anime thing, just think about the stuff, laugh at how you know a lot of it is true, and continue watching the weird cartoons from Japan. Just remember though, skip Akikan at all cost, same goes for Fight! Ippatsu Juden Chan.

10 Reasons Why Anime Is Better Than Amercian TV Part 1

NOTE: Before anyone freaks out saying I am an ass hole, this is just for fun. But realize this, all those things I say are true at least regarding the contents of anime.

Anime fans have long since announced that American TV is horrible and that anime is the best. Well, I have the 10 reason for why it is better.

10. Boobs – You don’t see huge boobs that defy gravity on TV in the US now do you. In anime, you see boobs that are like, proportionally incorrect to the point that they would break the owners back in real life. And since we all know that people like those giant bags of flesh, it makes anime better.

9. Plots that make little too no sense – The US may have Lost and FlashForward, but anime fans have FLCL, DBZ, and others that make no sense plot wise. Anime is better in this respect because it can make you go WTF, and it will never answer your questions. American TV shows answer your questions, so you are happy with the ending. Who wants that when you can be a real manly woman or manly man and just deal with no real ending?

8. It gives you something in common with the kids that want to kill their class mates – Haven’t you ever wanted to go up to the kid that never talks and just have a conversation with him/her? Well, if you watch anime, you can. Just mention Death Note and he/she will pull out his very own custom made one that he/she may have written your name in. I know a crazy person like that, and it makes me unhappy to know that I have communicated with him. He threatens to kill people everyday, but at the same time, it is much more interesting than talking about Flash Forward.

7. Incest – Haven’t you ever wanted to watch a show where little sisters were in love with their older brothers? Probably not, but have you ever seen one on American TV? NO! You, you haven’t. So, anime is also better because it has things you don’t really want to see and hear about and we all know the more disturbing a subject is, the better.

6. Tentacles – Another obvious reason why anime is better than American TV is that anime villain that are monsters always have tentacles. These tentacles aren’t in American TV now are they? Nope, I don’t think so. And for some reason, in anime, they tend to hover near or on the boobs of the ladies. I have no idea why, they just do. Haven’t you ever wanted to see tentacles on boobs? No, but now you can, even if it is disturbing too you.

Part 2 will come later today or tomorrow morning.

Things That Make Me Go WTF: Yoga That Made Me Die A Little On The Inside

The fact that people like this guy can get a job makes me wondering just what the hell people are thinking. I can’t even get a job and I’m not a pedophile like this guy obviously is.