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Sakura Yoshino Of Da Capo Is Getting Her Own Anime

Sakura Yoshino is getting her own anime, but not the kind yo uwould expect. She is going to be Magical Girl Sakura now. This 9-year old may seem like she is just a normal girl in a normal school, but she is really a Magical Girl trying to fight for justice.

Currently there is no release date announced, but expect sometime around fall or winter of this year.


So-Ra-No-Wo-To Promo Online

soranowotoYou can watch the promo here on the website.

As part of a partnership between Aniplex and TV Tokyo, The Strength of Anime will be bring So-Ra-No-Wo-To (Sounds of The Skies) to TVs this coming January. Many big names are working on the project such as Mamoru Kanbe and Hiroyuki Yoshino, so we can expect some good stuff.

Based on the promo, the character designs seemed pretty good and the backgrounds were well done, so at least the art style is good. The story sounds decent too. Kanata Kumika is a 15 year old girl who always wanted to join the army. Finally, she gets her chance, Kanata joins the military as part of a 5 person team to protect the fortress. War has ravaged the land in the past, and now times are down.The 5 girls are just trying to live happily while they can, playing music for the towns people and just living their everyday lives.

Expect the manga version also to come out sometime later this year.