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Around The World – AMV

This is one of the best AMVs I have ever watched. It even has a remix of that Fireflies song that makes me like the song.

Yen Plus To Go Out Of Print

But it will be online for free. They have just decided to go to an ad based service online to cut down on cost and to make the kids that refuse to buy anything happy. They be publishing the individual manga volumes though, so don’t worry, they aren’t taking everything off the shelves.

As for people that subscribed, you will get your money back. So everyone is happy in a way. I myself am saddened to see another manga anthology magazine going out. But I guess as long as the company stays, it will be fine.


Freak Out Fridays: Keyboard Smashing!

This time we have Angry German Kid played to some anime OPs and EDs. Seems to be a perfect fit to me.

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Spring 2010 Anime List

This season has a few titles I am pretty interested in.

Iron Man, RAINBOW – Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin, Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, Angel Beats, K-On!, Working!!, Kiss x Sis, Mayoi Neko Overrun!, Hankuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan, and  maybe Giant Killing.

So yeah, a pretty filled up season. Though, there is no telling how many I will drop.

ahamony desu AMV

K-On! And Haruhi-Chan Manga Licensed Along With Bungaku Shoujo Novel

Yen Press has announced today that it has acquired K-On!, the Haruhi-Chan manga, and the first light novel of Bungaku Shoujo. All I can say is that I am excited about all 3.

I myself normally only get certain manga since I am typically turned off by the chaotic mess that is an action scene in manga, but being able to get K-on! and Haruhi-chan is great. Bungaku Shoujo is another thing I am looking forward too since it is a light novel. Light novels tend to hold my interest more than manga since they take longer to complete and I can picture it in my mind the way I want to see.

Currently Bungaku Shoujo is set for July, Haruhi-Chan is set for October, and K-On! is set for November.


Second Season Of K-On! Incomming!


That means there will be more Yui and Ritsu on  the screen. Though, I guess I will be fine if the others on on the show too. But either way, we all know that Yui is best and Ritsu is second.

Currently there is no set release date, but expect summer 2010 if we go based on when the last season came out.

Even the place where it was announced used Yui for it. they understand her greatness apparently.All I can say abotu this anime is summed up in the picture below.


Evangelion 1.11 Is Top Selling Blu-Ray Release In Japan This Year

All this does  is make the wait for the US BluRay release of Evangelion 1.11 even longer. I haven’t seen the movie yet since I wanted to wait for a US license and since FUNimation will be releasing the Evangelion 1.11 BluRay on March 9, 2010.

Though, the surprising part is that Bakemonogatari didn’t beat it. It was the highest for quite a few months. Not that I mind. I enjoy Bakemonogatari also, but Evangelion is better in my opinion. I’m just glad that Queen’s Blade didn’t beat either one even though it will probably be the guilty pleasure of mine when it is released next summer here in the US.

If you want to rest of the listing’s for the year, go here. (It’s in Japanese for the most part)

Anime Characters Carved In Wood…


Bakemonogatari – Clash AMV

Looks best when watched in HD.

Bakemonogatari Continues To Be The Top Selling Anime BluRay release… EVER!

bakemonogatari_31There have been a lot of Bakemonogatari related post here on Paradigm Shift lately, but it deserves it based on what I have heard.

Reviews are praising it’s style and content, and now it is the highest selling anime BluRay release ever. Beating that of even moe moe kyun! anime K-On! And you know that if you beat K-On!, you have a winner.

Total amount Bakemonogatari’s first volume has sold is 43,877. K-On!’s first volume was only at 33,000.


Official K-On!, Miku Hatsune, and Nendoroid Google Chrome Themes

001lAre you a Google Chrome user? Do you like K-On!, Miku, or collecting Nendoroids? Then I have found something you may like a lot. Themes for Chrome based on all 3 of those thing I just listed. Here are the links to them.

K-On! Theme

Miku Hatsune Theme

Nendoroid Theme

I myself like the Miku and Nendoroid ones the most, but you can use whichever you want. I might just switch to Chrome and give it a test run with these themes too see if it is any better than Firefox.


Black Music Club AMV

K-On! would have been even better if it was this hardcore.

K-On! Ties That Look Awesome

k-on_character_tiesJust look at them, they look awesome. Having one of these for awards day at high school this year would be awesome that’s for sure. Hopefully J-list gets them in stock sometime soon so I can order me one.

But, if you are lucky enough to live in Japan, you can order them from the Brain Police Online Store.

My favorites out of them are the Ritsu, Mio, and Azusa ones. The Yui one is nice, but I never really liked pink that much. Either way, if I get the money somehow, I will probably get at least one eventually.

Thanks for finding this Sankaku Complex

Source (Japanese)

K-On! Getting Another Episode With 7th Anime Volume

yui-hirasawa-motivatorYui Hirasawa anime K-On! is getting another episode. THe episode is set too come with volume 7 of the anime. So, don’t expect too see it too soon. Januray 20th of next year to be exact.

K-On! is about is about a girl named Yui who leads 4 other girls to the land of being a band. She helps them play guitar, drums and keyboard, and even shows them how to sing. Slowly, they move up the ladder of greatness and play at the schools cultural festival.

Ok, that made it sound like there is a point to this anime when there really isn’t.But, I don’t care, it was good.

And, for all you people that think Mio is the best, think again. The rankings are really Yui, Azusa, Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi, and Sawa-Chan.

Source (Japanese)

Almost Daily WTF Of The Day: Daler Mehndi

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